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"New CBR600" not so new anymore!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rooboy, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Riding back through the Adelaide hills around Mt Lofty, kangaroo jumps out of the scrub and hops straight into the side of the bike, it hit the front wheel and took the indicator off with a chuck of the fairing. He pushed the front wheel about a foot over sending the bike into the shakes. :eek:

    Looking into how much to fix. Excess is $400 so if I can get it cheaper I will. first time I bought a car a roo took to it as well, 2 days after I bought it!

    Anyway I'm okay, bike still rides fine, should be happy it's not worse. :)

    Watch out their out there, the wife has seen 3 dead in the last 2 weeks along the freeway(Mt Barker Exit) comming back from work.
  2. Wow, lucky roo boy.

    When you're talking repair prices, don't forget to factor in a premium increase caused by your claim.
  3. What! Bikers or kangaroos?!!?!???

    You need a new screen name, champ :)

    Glad you're ok - sucks when the bike needs repairs though :(
  4. Call your insurance company; hop to it!
  5. Turns out it was a wise choice of nicknames then eh?

    Seriously though, too bad man. There's not much you can do when a roo wants to stuff you up...
  6. OUCH!!
    Lucky to be alive mate!
  7. So glad you're ok. They're not little beasties!
  8. kangaroos. Theres been enough lost bikers down this way recently. RIP.