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New CBR500R Crashed - Aftermath of Crash

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by hamsandwhich, May 26, 2013.

  1. $1000 excess for that poor bloke. :(
  2. Where was this? ...and $1000 excess? why bother getting insurance.. anyway.. glad the fella is ok and why are you on a cruiser..
  3. What's with your breathing bro? You sounded like you were wounded or something
  4. a random stranger coming over to film me in those circumstances for his youtube channel would be most comforting
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  5. Because the bike is worth... More than a thousand dollars?
  6. That was at the hart cb500 test ride day at st Ives.

    At least one person had done 120 round the bend there, don't know what that guy was doing to put it down.

    The $1000 excess is what you have to pay if you crash on the test ride. It's cheaper than a test ride at a dealer :D
  7. As Will said above, also I was on a Cruiser because they let me test ride it :D

    Haha, just the mic position. Are you using headphones? I might need to play with the mic position as it's a bit close at the moment..
  8. Ah cos the bike is worth 6-7 times more than that...
  9. Ahh, I see.. I was wondering.. my bike's "worth" is $7400 but my excess is only $300 .. the CB500 is going for $13,000 (ish) so I thought maybe double my bike cost, double my excess..

    carry on (y)
  10. Also slightly different because the insurance is provided by HART and the intention is to let the public ride (hoon) the bikes around a track. :)
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  11. Wasn't loud so much as...wavery? Like you were really nervous or something. Maybe just havin' someone elses' money 'twixt your nethers :p I'm not tryin' to poke fun at you, was just a touch concerned while listening.
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