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New CBR250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stigger, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Looks pretty nice.
  2. Looks like a mini VFR1200. The stock exhausts these days on bikes are too bulky.

    If that comes downunder they should bring this too. It's a CB300 R sold mainly in South America.

  3. My first thought exactly, handsome little bike.
  4. I am going to buy this beauty little racer on March 23rd 2011
  5. Its a shame its a single... A modern day i4 250 would be wicked
  6. And also far too expensive...
  7. erghh.... that's horrible, in my opinion

    much prefer the look of the older ones
  8. Shouldn't have sold mine... ah hell... shouldn't have sold the GS850 before it, or the Aprilia RS125 before that... F***!

    Anyway, it does look pretty good IMO, even if I do prefer the retro version I had that was from '88. Meanwhile, Mr. Honda has a company image to hold up, and it looks like he's bringing it into line right across the board. Wouldn't be surprised to see the proper CBR's come out with this kind of styling in '11 or '12.

    Cheers - boingk
  9. I do agree with that the manufacturer has to keep up with the times, and as such has to style the bike along the lines as the newest bigger models, as you can see the side fairing very similar to the new fireblade.

    all in all I think it will be well received, but no doubt pricing will be prohibitive just like the yamaha 125.

    and.... what is it with the fugly stock cans last few years... surely NO ONE likes these?

  10. Whether we get it or not will largely depend on whether the remaining States with 250 learner laws are considered a sufficiently large market for both this and the CBF250.

    As for a Honda sold in South America, chances are it would be built in Honda's Brazil factory. I wouldn't pay new bike money for anything made in Brazil, based on a reasonable amount of experience with Latin American quality control.
  11. if it doesn't rev out to 22k its not a cbr250 imo :D
  12. I dont like it.

    Wouldnt this bike just make more competition for Hondas own CBR125R? I dont think its close enough to the Ninja 250r to worry it
  13. They seem similar in terms of power/torque to weight.
  14. My thoughts exactly.

    As a commuter it will be great.

    But it aint no sportsbike thats for sure.. not that the ninja is either.
  15. Looks great, and competition for the Ninja is always good!

    Hopefully they will get rid of that abomination of a bike, the CBR125R. Same with the YZFR125. They just dont cut it here in Aus.
  16. if the price was right, would be a big seller
  17. They had a REAL opportunity to resurrect a cult classic and absolutely kill the learner sportsbike market but instead they botched it.
    People would have bought a remake 250RR screamer just for sentimental reasons!
  18. You think? They'd have to design a brand new engine purely for this which would push the price up to near a 600. For a market of how many?

    The il4 would be cool but it's never gonna happen the markets just too small.
  19. Not for what it would have cost, IMHO. It would cost Honda as much to build (or nearly so) as a 600 sports bike, leaving them with the choice of either pricing it not far short of a CBR600, or making next to nothing or even a loss on each sale. How they made money the first time around beats me.