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new cbr125r to older cbr250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by roysrun, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Hello all,

    been riding for about 6 months now the 125 is great fuel isn't even a factor anymore. its punchy enough to get me around the complete definition of a commuter bike goes great on the M4(NSW) as well. However.....(always a however)......i really want to sell it and buy an older cbr250rr..............I'm not sure if its worth selling a much younger probably much better condition bike to buy a older bike with double sometimes triple the km on it. pretty much i am looking for some advice as the deciding factor.


  2. Just wait till you're off restrictions and buy an old CBR600F4. You should be able to get something around the same price as a CBR250RR in comparable condition - but at least the 600 will be worth spending money on to fix (unless you have plans on keeping a 250 for a number of years)
  3. Well thats the thing i have 2 years on my p's because i am under 25
  4. Ah, then buying a 125 was definitely a mistake. Wouldn't recommend an old CBR250RR as a commuter though, far too many things that could go wrong with it given how much abuse/neglect they usually suffer in the hands of noobs (and they can get very expensive to repair).

    Far better off with a GS500, or if you must have fairings get a GPX/ZZR250.
  5. Yehh well i honesty dont mind the my 125 but i might have a look around see what options are out there for LAMs riders......
  6. Are you sure you have to wait two years? I believe you're able to upgrade to your "R" license whilst still on your P's, as long as you've held your RE license for a year.

    This is in QLD though... Might be different for you guys, not sure sorry.