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New CBR1100XX - and about time too!!!!!!! (Now with pics)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Wanderer, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Well further to the saga of me upgrading from my VTR250 - I have finally done it!

    Yesterday went down to New World Honda and after about 3 hours of them checking out my bike, getting the new bike registered, etc I can finally boast ownership of a brand spanking new silver 2006 CBR1100XX!!!!

    I have to go back through the forums, but whoever recommended me to take a look at New World Honda in Berwick did me an absolute favour - definitely owe you a beer for that!!!! Rob and Tony were awesome and all of the guys in Spares, Accessories and the workshop are pretty amazing.

    I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Honda in particular take a look at New World Honda for impeccable customer service. I was a bit hesitant on brand new tyres and Tony even offered to scrub them in a little for me - which I gratefully took up the offer of considering the roads yesterday were pretty wet.

    I have only managed to ride the new bike from Berwick to home yesterday and am hanging out to ride it some more, but now I have the tyres almost scrubbed in and am pretty keen to put it through its paces a little more.

    Oh on another note when I was riding home yesterday from the shop I kept having this nagging feeling I had left something behind or forgotten something - finally figured it out when I got home - had forgotten to insure it!!!! Something to remember for next time................
  2. You lucky bastard! I hope you have endless fun on the new bike and I'm sure it'll serve you well.
  3. Congrats man, mine just came back from its 1000km service. They are such a nice piece of machinery...
    Hrm, might go for a ride.
  4. TAZMAN is always saying great things about these guys guys.
    i think he has bought around 9 bikes and all his gear from these guys.
    Im certainly going to give them a go when i need something.
    I dont mind travelling for the right advice and support.

    Congrats on the new bike, Got any pic's..
  5. nice choice - don't forget the brakes need 'scrubbing in' too
  6. Dont worry mate tony takes care of all of that

    Nice bike Jason and you went to the right place, Tony and Rob are good blokes so is Scotty in spares and sammy in the accesories loves a joke or two :wink: Most of the time I go up there its useally just for a chat and you dont even have to buy anything as they just like talking to fellow riders.

    I wont be shopping anywhere else thats for sure

    Hope you enjoy the new machine mate as they can be alot of fun :wink:
  7. Re: New CBR1100XX - and about time too!!!!!!!

    Well done Wanderer!...you ARE in for a treat! :)
    Careful with them linked brakes until you get to know her a little bit, and be extra careful on the turning circle....or you might topple over like I did last week....give yourself alot more room than you would have with the vtr. :)

    Silver...yeahhhh...the best choice imho...look very nice in the sun.
    Give her a really good wax job before you get any grime on her, and she will look as fresh as a daisy even when she's a tad motley.

    Glen Waverley!?...I'm just over in Balwyn...we'll have to get together and compare notes, mate. :)

    Hey Warden!...is yours Silver as well?
  8. Congrats on your new toy, enjoy ;)
  9. Nice, pics???
  10. I'll have some pics up on Monday as well - and you are right, the linked brakes are just a little different - not much but enough to be aware that something is different.........
  11. Very nice choice, might see you up in the hills for a ride one day :)
  12. Wanderer good choice, so how is it going from a 250 to 1100cc. Be careful, but enjoy your new toy.
  13. Congrats on the B'bird. You'll love it.

    As for the "linked" brakes, I'm no fan of the system. My now departed CBR1000F had them and was one of the first models. Tapping the rear brake caused a severe application of the front. Not nice when negotiating car parks or if you tap the rear as you tip it into a corner. The first time that I did this, it stood the bike up and made me run wide. I had to react by cranking it over harder than I would have liked, to get around the corner.

    The Blackbird that I have now is a lot better. But it's still there. If I could disconnect the system, apart from the front actuating the rear, which I reckon is a good thing, I would do so.

    If you want to know all things 'bird, then check out the ozblackbird website. It's similar to this one, just dedicated to Blackbirds. www.ozblackbird.net

    After reading it, it appears that the favorite accessories or upgrades are Scott Oilers, Speedo Healers, Power Commander 3s and more recently an upside fork front suspension upgrade. Lots of other info there too, particularly fault finding common faults (but that won't be much of an issue for you as it'll be under warranty.) and fitting of things like Ventura racks and other luggage mounts, trip computers, heated grips, upgraded lighting, exhausts and so on. Lots of opinions on what is the best tyre, the consensus for which seems to be on Pilot Powers or Pilot Roads.

    Anyway good luck with it. Have fun but take it easy.
  14. Congrats on the new toy Jason. Very tasty indeed.

    And yeah all the guys at New World are great. And the after sales service remains at a high level. I bought the Blade there and have gone back for parts and servicing ever since.
  15. Sounds like I might have to check those guys out - I'm considering getting a Blackbird. I was considering a VFR800, but it sounds like the Blackbird will be more fun. Now if I could just get my tax return I'd be there right now......
  16. +1!
  17. I would mate the guys up there know bikes and they also know customer service which is getting pretty rare these days
  18. Nice bike well done.

    Looks like Honda are kicking ar5e in this space $16k for that much bike is great value.
  19. And now for the pics........

  20. Hawt.

    You chose a top colour :)