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New CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Set, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. So after many many troubles with my Hyoshit 650R I managed to get my money back for it from the dealer. I was offered a replacement bike (a Suzuki sv650) but since I'm off restrictions in a few months there wasn't much point in getting a 650 again.

    So I paid the difference and stepped up to a brand new Fireblade.

    She's a 2011 model in HRC colours, not the Repsol which I originally wanted but there's no reason why I can't buy some fairings and change them myself.

    Got her at an absolute ripper price which was the reason for buying it before I'm off restrictions... Not sure how I'm going to hold off from riding her.

    Mods to come:

    -Two Bros slip-on exhaust
    -HID lights
    -Fender eliminator
    -Smokey black windscreen
    -Pazzo levers
    -(Maybe) Repsol Fairings


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  2. Could have got a better angle.. lol

    Looks really hot but man! I think its way nicer than the repsol colours. So Whats "a good deal"? lol i am saving for the unrestricted bike now, curious what sort of deal could be had on new 1Litre sports
  3. Congrats on the bike!, I'm sure you'll love her.

    but for the love of god don't put a 2 Brothers pipe on it, it stuffs up the idle of the bike and causes it to hunt. Akrapovic, Yoshimura, Leo Vince, Taylor Made etc are what you should be looking at. Also CBR's with a slip on can run pretty lean so get an AF ratio dyno run done after pipe fitment.
  4. ride it thursday mate
  5. Yeah was hard to get a good shot of the bike in the store with so many other bikes around. I'll upload some proper photo's when it's delivered.

    I was looking at the Akra pipes as well, might go for one of them instead.
  6. Loo-vely!! Nice to see.

    Now don't give it a quick tweak outside the shop, will you?

  7. I love the new HRC scheme, bet it looks awesome in the flesh. Congrats, I'm sure it'll serve you much better than the hyodung lol. I'm tossing up this scheme or the Orange/silver scheme when I upgrade in Feb.... Can't wait!
  8. Congrats mate...lovely bike and great colours.
    Do yourself a favour and take heed of Bamm-Bamm's advice re exhaust.
    I have a Micron on my Fireblade ('04...purchased this way) and it sounds good, though I am a huge fan of Akrapovic cans.
    Safe, happy riding adventures to you.
  9. My sentiments exactly. 2 Brothers is cack.
    Much better options as listed.

    Nice bike by the way and I like the colour scheme but not the front end of the bike. Lights and front end look weird but apart from that it's a ball tearer of a bike.

  10. Congrats on the purchase, you'll love it. It's just you'll need to bring her to a track one day to feel that you actually on a litre bike.
  11. Wicked bike. Congrats :)
  12. I love the blade. Congrats.
    Two bro's are a Seppo thing. They make good gains and sound fine.
    Did you fit a PC5 as well?
    I would wait on fitting a decent air filter till you had the pipe tuned in on it.
    Not sure how adjustable the Honda ECM is as they call it. usually ecu.
    The PC3 or 5 will let you work around on air ratio's. Well not you but a mechanic.
    A Dyno would be schmiko. If you can find a decent guy working it and tuning your bike.
    They are not cheap though.
    Most decent mechanics can tune it in without a dyno from the map supplied with the PC.
    Anywho I am jealous. If I could just get rid of the Red and have it all white and blue.
  13. If you are going to get a Power Commander 5 or Bazzaz Z-Fi you'll really want to get a custom tune done. Most of the maps that are available for download are US maps, what doesn't help is the US spec CBR's lose about 15hp at the top end due to retarding the timing on the bike to compensate for lower quality fuel, when you try and use that map in a Euro or US spec bike it just doesn't work very well at all.

    The factory Honda ecu is not adjustable, if you want to make any adjustments you WILL need a PC5 or Z-Fi, and a dyno operator to build you a map. I don't know of ANYBODY who can tune an injected bike using a PC5 or equivalent without a dyno, to measure AF Ratio and I certainly wouldn't risk the engine of my bike letting anybody try.

    If you want to go this route as I said fit slip on exhaust, get a power run done that includes an AF Ratio reading, look at your chart...if it's like most 08-11 CBR's it will be pretty lean and would benefit from further tuning. Thats when you add a PCV or equivalent and get a custom tune done, if you are going to add a hi flow air filter do it before you get a tune done, otherwise it will throw out the af ratio because it will flow more air than the tuner allowed for.

    Hope this helps
  14. Whats everyone's thoughts on the Leo Vince exhaust systems? I'm currently looking at this one; https://www.leovinceusa.com/cart/productdetail.php?quantity=1&RecordNum=6634&Subline=&Make=HONDA&Model=CBR%201000%20RR&CC=1000&Year=2011&Image=FD-8444_1.jpg&Type=&SoundRating=&Description=FACTORY%20R%20EVOII%20FULL-TITANIUM/CARBON%20CAN%20w/%20CARBON%20END%20CAP&PartNum=8444&RetailPrice=839&Notes1=&shipping=

    I looked at the Akro ones... and don't want to be a princess or anything but I would much rather a carbon fibre can.
  15. I have them on my Viffer with the oval ends and love them.
    They are not as shiny as the Yoshi or Twin Bro's. More a mat finish carbon and aluminum end cap.
    They sound good and bolted strait on.