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New CBR CDI from China!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by pro-pilot, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. All I can say is wow!

    Bought a racing CDI from ebay for the MC22 (CBR250RR) and it has changed the machine.


    1) The retarding that occurs during normal operation is completely removed. Great throttle response.
    2) Throttle advance needed to open up the engine is about a third of what it was.
    3) RPM goes nutts over 20k.
    4) 0-100 kph is a lot quicker, will need to a test run!
    5) Bike runs smooth in 2nd and 3rd gear.


    no restrictions on the RPM limit, means discipline in running up 1st and 2nd gear. Possible to redline the engine.

    Fuel consumption higher. Will update
  2. Nice one Pro-pilot !

    Can you explain this a bit more? Do you just mean that you only need to open the throttle a third of the amount to reach the same acceleration level?

    Defintely... Would be interesting to see the difference. Did you record a 0-100 time before installing the CDI?

    Is this a track bike project for you? If so, would you recommend the unit for a CBR that mainly is used for commuting... Could you see any downfalls?

  3. The throttle only needs to be advanced a fraction of what was needed before to get the same output. So a good deal of improvement.

    Had rated the bike before at 5.5 seconds to 100 before. Yet to measure now.

    Will put some pilot power's on it and have a track day or two and see how it pits agains my 600's times.

    Only danger is that it does now heat up quite a bit and has no Rpm restrictions, which means one needs to monitor the redline!
  4. so your gonna be in hot pants if you downshift to much :LOL:
  5. how much are they?

    Would be great to see a dyno graph of the power increase with this CDI.
  6. Hi There,
    Seems to be the eBay Link is to old now? do you have more details about this CDI? where to buy?

    Thanks in advance.
  7. you should probably check your a/f ratio as well. If it's now running hot, it's probably not running right.
  8. its nothing but a RPM Derestrictor :)

    The quick rapid change in the RPM Dialog just makes your mind thinking its making the bike faster.
  9. Nearly a year old now, and it was probably just mirrors and smoke anyway

    nothing to see here, move along :roll:
  10. Hi,

    Do you have any iedia wehere to buy this CDI? Ebay link is too old and cant wait to buy one for my project CBR for racing. :grin:
  11. STOCK CDI would do the job, it wouldnt do any difference.