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new cbr 250R?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cbrlover, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. hey

    just wondering if the new cbr 250R is the new model of the old cbr 250RR? if not whats the difference?
  2. completly different,
    new frame,
    new engine (old was a 4 cylinder the new is a single cylinder)

    its basically a completely different bike
  3. old cbr250rr was a fast (for a two fifty) sportsbike that handled well and was designed to be ridden hard.

    new cbr250r is a step through scooter with a race fairing.
  4. Don't think baby CBR, think baby VFR1200
  5. I rode the new CBR250r a few months ago when they were first released. I was still riding my Ninja 250r at that point and suffice to say, I wasn't that impressed.

    It's got some nice touches to it, nice dials, ABS (Option), new styling, but end of the day it's a commuter. Really struggled coping with mid corner bumps and the motor, whilst having decent low down grunt just ran out of breath higher in the rev range.

    While I'm 100% pro ABS, combined braking is still questionable for me.

  6. Dunno what was wrong with the one you rode then, smooth as a babies bottom around corners over bumbs and such and just loves to go at higher range just as much if not more at bottom..
  7. Benny's post was a direct comparison between the new CBR250R and the Ninja 250R. His post, practically every review on the net and the numbers on paper say the same thing.

    Benny is right.

    Reads as: "i don't have a clue and haven't been riding long enough to know that"
  8. I should clarify, compared to my Ninja 250r. Also probably worthy of note, I'm a pretty big bloke so any deficiencies in suspension I feel more drastically than others.
  9. IMHO for pure fun and value for money I'd get a CBR250RR. Quicker and more enjoyable than a ninja250 and the new CBR250R.
  10. Gold!
  11. Although, CBR250RR's at best are 12 years old and you can bet they've lived a hard life too.
  12. Honda proudly claim their brand new CBR250R makes 26hp.

    The 15 year old version makes 45hp.:D
  13. hahaha, my vtr makes more then that, so much for bieng a sport bike=D>
  14. Yeah but the idea of using the single wasn't to give better top-end, it was to give more usable torque. Further, with the Moto3 class which has 250cc four stroke singles they'd be mad to not start producing road bikes with the same type of engine... Besides, emissions laws would probably not make the 4 cylinder one possible today.
  15. i admit...they look flashy...but that's about it....seeing a hot chick on one with the plates shebr doing her p's exam ....that was probably the only positive thing that comes to mind when thinking of them...a nice chicks bike is about all they are imho (then again - i'm a n00b here, my opinion doesn't matter yet =P)
  16. Gday Guys, i dont post much here unless ive got something to say,so heres my 2c...

    Having done my Ls and Ps back in the early 90s on the 250RR i know these little machines pretty well, there are in short a small race bike a true baby brother to the 900RR, nimble, quick and a ball to ride... (and wheelie) BUT the down side is you wont find one as stated less that 12 yrsold and the MAJORITY of the these are indeed 18+ yrsold, and for a machine that redlines at 18000RPM thats a long life, for the past 5 yrs ive own a CBR1100XX and am very happy the days of 18000RPM are long gone..

    Last weekend i was fortunate enough to take the new CBR250R for a spin... i thought down low wasa little dissapointing but from about 5-5500rpm through to 9000rpm, this bike came to life, not breaking any records tho. No its not as powerful as the 250 ninja or the other 250s in the market for LAMS, but what it is, is NEW, relaiable and very practicle for a Newbie to riding, with a great riding position and feel. even tho i have 2 bikes already, if honda bring the 250R out in the repsol colour scheme, ill be adding one to my shed for a bit of fun in the nasho and for the up and coming motorcyclists i have growing in my house...
    i think for $$ value you cant go wrong for a newb, if you are a capable rider already your prob in the market for something more like the CB400 or the GSX650F
  17. I've ridden both the CBR and Ninja and while the Ninja has a little more grunt it fair superior from a dynamics point of view. And if grunt is your thing you are looking at the wrong pair.

    Remember it's a 1 year buy and flip sort of bike and if you are on your restrictions I would much prefer to have the relatively low numbers of CBRs to sell again in a years time then selling a ninja in sea of 200 other ninjas.

    Plus if you are even seen both bikes you see a marked difference in build quality.
  18. Don't own a ninja?
  19. :rofl:

    You are aware that the moto3 bikes make like 40+ hp at the rear wheel and weigh UNDER 200kgs?


    @standrescross: i own a ninja. And i'm well aware of its deficiencies. Never ridden a new CBR but I've ridden the old CBR. The old CBR shites all over the ninja from a very great height. Every review puts the new CBR well behind the Ninja.

    @Toadcat: useable torque? Only if you are doing less than 60 mate... Scooter is a pretty accurate description. Personally, I would like my bike to be able to pull from above 100. The ninja scarcely is capable.
  20. I dare say the biggest plus point to the Honda is the inclusion of ABS as an option. Given the people that are going to buy these machines, that's a massive selling point.

    No doubts in my mind that the Ninja is more dynamic, but is that what the learner market is about?

    End of the day it'll come down to what you value and what you plan to do in your 12 months on a RE license.

    Commuting, I'd take the CBR all day. ABS, more low torque, better build quality, much clearer gauges, better lighting and a slightly more comfortable position (For me at least)

    Mountain runs and spirited riding, Ninja. Slightly more power in the mid - high rev ranges, marginally better suspension (Although, can be improved with a few small tweaks) and I found I got a bit more feel in general.

    The OEM tyres on both are the same IRC Road Winners and they're crap. If you can wear the cost, replace them as soon as you can.

    Probably another point that is glased over a little is the customisation scene. Not much around at the moment for the CBR but the Ninja has entire forums dedicated to customising them. May not mean much to some, but for the Rossi wannabes out there, it could be a make or break point.


    Edit: As for CBR250RR's. When they were new, most 250RR's put out 45HP at the rear wheel. The newer models had a slightly less 40hp (1994-1999) Either way, they are no doubt quicker than both the 250r's. But then, people looking at a CBR 250r and Ninja 250r aren't the kinda of people that are concerned about having the fastest machine on the road. If you want the fastest bike you can get on a LAMS license, I'd be looking firmly at the Motards. SXV550, WR450x DRM400.