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new CBR 250R rider to netriders ...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jaBBer, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. hi all! nice to able to join in this forum ... have read a few threads & so far so good ... a lot of helpful tips as well.
    been riding for about 5 months now & have been enjoying it ... just love the rush of wind :) the CBR is so good on the petrol & saved heaps already ... the $$$ are going towards an upgrade when i get off my P's :D
    introduced to this forum by a friend & looking forward to meeting a few more on the ride this coming Saturday (y)

  2. Hello greetings and welcome.
    Which part of Melbourne are you from?
  3. hi Jay77! not from Melbourne but been there ... liked everything about the city (except for those places where one has to deal with the trams while driving :whistle: )
  4. thanks for the heads up Chris! i'm joining a few other riders this Sat morning for a ride up Putty Road but won't be doing the full loop ... great idea to rattle over to Homebush to meet up with a few other riders after the ride. cheers!
    jaBBer (Roel)
  5. Welcome mate.

    Where abouts in Syd are you based? A lot of us are around the Inner West and Western Subs.
  6. My bad :)
    Sometimes I just assume everyone is from Melbourne lol
    Anyways , hello from down here
  7. Fair assumption seeing as like 80% of the new people seem to be from Melbourne.
  8. Well it rains too much in Sydney to be good motorcycling territory. ;) :bolt:
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  9. Yooou shut up you. It hasn't rained since 3 hours ago.
  10. thanks Jay77!
    hey Siwagod ... i'm from the Plumpton area but commute with my trusty CBR M-F to Rydalmere :banghead:
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  11. I'm on the other side of Emerton mate - if you have hoon tendencies I'm happy to go for a ride sometime
  12. cool! i pass by emerton nearly every week on the way to me mom's at wilmot :) but dude i've only got 2 months of P's up my sleeves ... might have to down a few more motul lube shakes before i develop hoon tendencies ;)
  13. Bah I'm still on my p's - was hooning about on my l's - all good tho mate
  14. Come on the ride Sat @87crisis!
    Welcome jaBBer.. see you on Sat.. are you part of the group meeting up at the Hassal Grove servo to ride over to McGraths Hill?
  15. RIDE ?!?! WITH NORMAL PEOPLE ?? FRIENDLY AND LAW ABIDING?!?!?! it'd probably give me cancer - i'll consider it if i'm up n about at the time
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  16. ... thanks mate! yep i'll be meeting up with BOB88R tomorrow morning. bringing along a mate as well ... looks like nice weather coming up after all ;)
  17. Cool bananas see you, Bobby and friend there :LOL:
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