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New CBF1000 08

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pro-pilot, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Just seen this new years release up on Honda MPE.

    CBF1000 08

    Is this a throwback to the past or a genuine new player in the sports field?
  2. bleh how underwhelming

    looks like forks and swingarm from a cbr600f3 - 160 section rear tyre, rectangular mild steel swingarm, non adjustable 41mm forks

    honda is saying "fsck you customers"
  3. It's neither a sports bike or a retro IMO.

    It looks more like a competitor to the Bandit 1250 actually... a bike that will do most things ok... that is to say an all rounder.
  4. Released in Europe ages ago. It's a faired version of a Hornet 1000.

    Somehow they've managed to get the 1000RR down to the same detuned power they got from the 919, and kept the budget approach to suspension alive while throwing in an ABS option for people who can't use their brakes.

    Deeply disappointing, grandpa bike. There'll be a Hornet 1000 sometime soonish, as well as the CB1000R which looks silly but should be a great ride.
  5. They're daring to be a bit different with it, and the single swinger is dead sexy.
  6. Gotta say it doesn't look terribly exciting. Unless the pricing is very attractive, I'd rather have a Bandit.

    Personally, I like having ABS (though I've not needed it in the 18 months I've had it) but I wouldn't buy a bike on the strength of that alone.

    At risk of a threadjacking, I see the benefit of ABS not as being when you're riding hard and concentrating at your peak. It's not seriously in dispute that a good rider can "beat" an ABS system 99% of the time in good conditions. Where I like it is approaching the Roe Highway-Great Eastern Highway traffic lights, in the rain, with the road surface wall-to-wall grease and I'm cold, wet, tired and pissed off, and someone does something stupid in front of me, that I should have predicted but didn't. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't rely on myself to do better than ABS then.

    But, like I said, in 18 months, the only time it's kicked in has been when I deliberately provoked it to find out what it felt like.
  7. Jeez I need a coffee even after reading that press release.

    Only Honda can build such deeply boring motorcycles that sell by the bucket load.

    Probably okay to ride but meh...
  8. So what's your opinion pro? Surely after all these continual press release posts you seem to love you must have something insightful to say, for once?
  9. Yah... I think that's the biggest problem it faces.

    The Hornet 900 was a good looking bike and the Bandit 1250 isn't bad either so I reckon that new Honda is facing an uphill battle.
  10. Which is why Honda sells twice as many bikes in the market as the next-best player :roll:.
  11. don't get me wrong hornet, i love honda dearly. loz can attest to this. but recently i feel they are sitting on their laurels and do fark all. they release recycled crap and people are still lapping it up based on the honda reputation. in 10 years i doubt they will be as dominant in sales as they are today. i'm putting my money on ktm being massive by 2018.
  12. I agree to a point, but then, what are they to do? This problem is reflected in all sorts of technical markets; the big jumps have been made and the 'improvements' are increasingly minor and esoteric. But the bean-counters still want more bikes sold. It's not like they can invent a whole new genre {sports-cruiser??}, for example.

    They DO seem to have been sitting on their hands, though; the new Hornet 600 is coming here way late in terms of them ignoring the 600 naked market slot, and unless the above-mentioned bike comes here, or the bizarrely-styled show bike we discussed recently, it will be Honda's only naked bike :?.
  13. Well they redesigned the 08 CBR1000RR and initial reviews are good. Im sure this bike will appeal to older people who need a bike to commute/tour on.
  14. Honda list this bike at $14,99.00 + ORC , a typo probably meaning $14,990.00 + ORC. Suzuki list the Bandit at $11,990 + ORC.

    Enough of a difference on price alone for me to pick the Bandit still.
  15. Dont compare that lump to a Bandit 1250 :roll:
    It has a lot of TDM900 looks though :shock:
  16. I'm sorry Paul, but I will have to agree with NAM on this one. If you factor out the CT110, I reckon the Honda sales figures aren't as good as they could be.

    You are right about there short sighted descision in not bringing the Hornet 600 here and they will lose many customers to the Truimph Street Triple as a result. Not to mention the Triumph is a far more exciting design and probably a better bike aimed at the exact same market area.

    Honda haven't taken a gamble on a bike design in a very long time. They also have a terrible habit of sitting on a successfull model for far to long.

    I mean they are still selling VTR1000F's and that is now a 11 year old design.

    The Super Blackbird is also in the same area with only minor updates such as FI.

    They also took far too long bringing the CB1000 to market, and now they have to compete with far more exciting naked bikes from KTM, Aprilia, Kawasaki etc, etc...

    I could go on and on about this, but I will just leave it that I am deeply dissapointed with Honda, which used to be a brand I cared about.
  17. It's happened before.

    25-30 years ago they were selling rubbish off the back of a reputation built previously too.
  18. Honda have lost a lot of sales in the delay in bringing the Hornet 600 here.

    I know three people who went out & bought a street triple cause they could test ride one of those, while the Hornet release date still isn't public.

    they should have had it here 12 months ago.

    the CBF1000 is a boring looking bike, can't imagine why anyone would want one. Rather have a CB1300 or a Blackbird or VFR if you want a tourer.

    CB100R - they'd better get THAT here quick, or again they'll lose sales.
  19. I like you already :grin:
  20. i still think honda bikes appeal to so many bikers out there looking for a safe reliable do everything well all rounder. i don't think you have to be on the cutting edge of design when it comes to looks and this bike looks just like that...we don't all need something which is going to scare the shit out of you every time you hit the road and at the end of the day on the real roads that type of bike would be just great. rock solid and reliable and plenty of power to boot.....

    but that price is very steep if true. Hondas have always been highly priced but that type of cc bike will be competing with the likes of the bandit and when it is at $11,990
    + on roads they will have an up hill battle with this model... ](*,)