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New CB600f

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mike_dnhm, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. The new beast has arrived:
    Interesting that it has 'LAM'on the rego sticker. I can't technically ride it for a month because of the restricted license. I'm going to ask at vicroads about this, because it's definitely not a LAMS bike. thoughts? anyone else experienced this?


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  2. Ordered some crash knobs ;) and a kryptonite lock. Gonna talk to vicroads today about the LAM thing
  3. Wonder why they aren't available here in restricted LAMS form? They definitely are in the UK...
    (Could be because they are extremely easy to derestrict, I suppose).
  4. Yep, I have the full 102hp as a LAMS bike. Went to vicroads and I'm licensed to ride it! I'll be out this weekend for sure!
  5. Nice one. That will have added a few dollars to its value ; ) Good looking bike, too.
  6. cheers mate. pretty stoked!
  7. jammy s0d, enjoy your ride this weekend then :D
  8. You sure that isn't some sort of clerical error, cos that bike sure as hell ain't a LAM's legal bike in Qland, NSW or VIC
  9. Must be. It was originally from SA. Who knows...All i know is that i can ride it! Only had less than a month til i could anyway, but its good to be able to ride straight away
  10. As long as the label says "LAMS", you're fine. There were rumours of a CBR600F marked as LAMs a while back, so they do fck up from time to time.
  11. Yeah I read an old NR post about that. Don't think I'll get dicked for it and as long as I'm licensed to ride it, which I technically am, then my insurance covers it as well
  12. Rode the 250 last night. Wow. Huge difference. Felt like a gutless bag of bolts in comparison. Also, got pulled over by a bike cop in kinglake on the weekend for a 'random license check'. The LAM on the rego worked a treat. Sent me on my way!