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New CB400 for the wife

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by waedwe, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. My wife struggled with the height and top heaviness of he ER6F resulting in not much riding and a loss of confidence, so over the weekend we bought her a ner CB400 honda to replace it, got a good trade in deal at sydney city motorcycles campbelltown. salesman was jayson cheers and couldn't have been more helpful.
    i rode it home from the showroom, and it handled the highway and overtaking easy even though it is Lams approved it was very comfy to sit on, and suprisingly little wind hitting me for a naked bike with no screen on te highway, turned off through some backroads to scrub the tyres for her and vary the revs some more. It handled great, very planted and fun little bike, heres the pics,

  2. Nice.....
    And well done....why?
    As they say, happy wife, happy life!

    Hope she has fun with her new ride...
  3. Nice mate. How she doesn't replace the old ride with the new one to much :p
  4. waedwe very nice choice of bike. Been riding mine for 10 months so far and still loving it like the first day. Have no intentions or need to upgrade for at least another few years as it has all the power you could ever need from a bike. Being a non restricted lams bike means the power is there always available and there are no throttle restrictions.

    I really like the new blacked out colour scheme on the engine and clutch casing. Stock exhaust is very quiet especially when vtec kicks in you can hear nothing but the engine. If she intends to ride a lot get an aftermarket slip on or even better full system.
  5. I'll ship my Mrs over straight away, when can I pick up the bike?
  6. :LOL:
  7. Very nice, my wife test rode one and loved it. However, she has had to settle for the GS500.......
  8. I picked one of these up last week and I love it. Easy to learn on again (had my learners 5 years ago) and enough to keep you interested. I'm a little over 6' tall and while compact isn't too small.

    Hope she enjoys it.
  9. gee that grey/black paint scheme is nice

    I guess I'll get to check it out at the Pie Shop soon, eh mate?
  10. Yep it will be up there soon enough, but don't think i will be ridingit, she has fallen well and truly in love with the bike
  11. I'm with Hornet all the way on the colour scheme and as a sucker for the UJM look it makes me smile even more. Nice choice.
  12. Fab looking bike there!!..(y) .. wishing you and your wife many happy times ahead on 2 wheels!! :grin:
  13. Very nice! i picked up a Black ABS one last week and cant get enough of it. most fun you can have with your pants on!
    It was either black with ABS or white without, photos dont do the bike justice.
  14. Great bike. Colour scheme is nice too.
  15. No you're not keeping my bike, but could I just borrow the wife to check her out?
  16. Loved this colour from day 1.... I couldn't find a white one so I ended up with a blue, your wife will enjoy it is very easy to ride!!!
  17. Congrats mate.
    Very nice.

    (y) (y)