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New CB 250 not finding neutral!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by charger, May 1, 2006.

  1. Hi Folks,

    Yet another newbie joins the caper...

    I picked up a new cb 250 (one of the last i'm told) about 4 weeks ago and have been experiencing problems find neutral when the bike is running (>95% time).

    We you turn it off its not a problem - finds neutral no problem.

    I've clocked up approx 500km's to date, was going to mention it at first 1000km service...has anyone had or heard of this issue & any possible fix?

    I do recall the instructors at rider safe here in SA state this was a known problem with the CB 250...

  2. Yeah I rode 3 different ones when going through my licenses at the Millicent rider safe courses. They all had the same problem.

    My instructors also stated that it was a known problem with the CB250s. They always told me to switch the bike off and then find neutral, which then always could. This wouldn't be really helpful in real world riding situations though.

    You'd think that if it was such a known problem, that honda might have done something about it.
    Or maybe they have, by discontinuing the model.
  3. hahahaha, welcome to the wonderful world of the cb. where neutral doesnt exist! :LOL: mines the same, if you try putting it in while youre rolling it should go, but stopped and running you have no chance. just sit with it in first at the lights. it's good practice for safety in case you need to go quickly and it makes your left hand and arm stronger :grin:
  4. That's standard.

    You'll always find finding nuetral hard when stopped. On the other hand, when you get more confident, and gearshifts get quicker, you'll find it hard to avoid the false nuetrals :p

    The proven method for finding nuetral if you're stopped, engine still running, is to roll the bike back and forth on the spot, continually poking at the lever. You'll get it pretty quick.
  5. thanks for confirming it guys...

    have grown use to not having it... :grin:

    i did mention it to the salesman before buying it but apparently he knew nothing of it...not a surprise i guess!
  6. Welcome to CBville!

    I always used to get that problem ( a killer at the harbour bridge toll :LOL: ). If you can't find it when stopped, give the gas a squeeze and roll a bit, then you should get it in. It get's easier the more k's the bike clocks I've found.

    I still love my lil CB.
  7. :? :? Never happened to me. Maybe you're all doing it wrong. :cool: :LOL:
  8. I also have the same problem with a '99 model cb250 and as earlier stated your left hand will grow strong!
  9. it's a common problem. all the CB250's at the training centre I got my L's at were like that, and so is my CB.

    After a while you work out the technique. slow down, pop it into 1st, roll with the clutch in then gently lift up. the green light will come on & there you are.

    sometimes it's stubborn though. but boy is my left hand strong now!
  10. Yup, I remember the instructors at Walkley Heights back in December saying the exact same thing, the CB's always seem to have a neutral problem when stopped.

    At least its not as bad as my Yamaha XS, I seem to have a neutral between 4-5 that appears regularly under acceleration, and sometimes just cruising.
  11. In '99 I had one on my leaners course that the instructor found near impossible to get neutral sitting still. I ended up rocking the bike back and forth while gently pressing down and slipping the clutch. It seemed to work well enough but my left arm and hand hurt badly at the end of that day.
  12. Don't stress Charger happens on a lot of 250's mine included. I normally drop it into neutral when rolling to a stop, takes a bit of getting used to but seems to work OK. :grin:
  13. bugga it just hold the clutch in when you stop for lights etc. or starting it... juz to be safe it if its slipped in to first when your not ready for it??

    juz the usual cons with any machine :grin:
  14. Thanks for the feedback all...I'll try the above techniques and see how I go...

    I will mention it when I take it in for the first service...but not expecting much...seems like it's one of thoes "by design" faults! :?
  15. I'm pretty sure they won't be able to fix it.

    I had my CB serviced a week ago. As I dropped it off, the service guy said "so this won't go into neutral like all other CB's?"
    I said "yup"
    He said "no worries, we're used to it."
  16. i can feel that left hand getting stronger every day... :)
  17. Yep, it can be a problem, but the news is not all bad.

    - on my bike (which I also had from new) the problem never completely went away but things got better as the kilometers build up.

    - it helped quite a bit to tighten up the chain!

    - I find it is always possible to find neutral even at complete stand-still if I rev up the engine a bit.

    - Sometimes it is easier to find the neutral by kicking up to second gear then try to find neutral by kicking the lever down, rather than up from first.
  18. thanks for the tips - i'll try them out tomorrow
  19. As so many other posts have confirmed, it is a prob with the CB's. I know Honda Australia has ceased importing them, and I believe manufacturing as well. We have a fleet of 6 of them and the problem always becomes worse when they need an oil change. Changing the oil to an oil they like (usually just a mineral oil) can make a big difference. As soon as the oil gets grubby the problem presents itself. What we recommend as an interim fix is if it wont drop into neutral, then release the clutch enough to get it to slip. You will usually feel a "click" and then pull the clutch back in and try again. This will fix it 9/10 times for us.

  20. I can report that rev'ing her up when at stand still gets me back into neutral - thanks cb250goespop...