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New car's vs old car's

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn v1.1, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Im talking at least 30 years old, hands up if you love old cars? doesn't matter if its a Ford, Hemi or a Holden, I don't know if im just an old fart at heart, but there is just some thing...so bland, so beige, dull and soulless about the majority of modern cars on the road these days, at the moment im borrowing a mazda 3 from my friend to move around in, top little car don't get me wrong, but its so blah.

    My first car was a 1979 TE cortina, renown for there appeal with certain hoons, its light weight of 1050kg plus decent sized 250cui straight six was a good recepie, man firing that thing up was a delight, the way it grumbled away, its double barrel Webber which I ripped off from another car which sat atop a redline manifold, hearing that thing suck air in.. it had this 2.5 pipe that ended near the diff, had a great idle to it by just warming it up on a cold day, with the fumes pooling around the car.

    It ended with my 76 TD cortina which I bought later on, 2v cylinder head and carb set up from an old 71 xy falcon, had a wilder cam for it and other go nice bits, it was ready to be put together..until some turd in a green excel turned in my path, poor girl was written off, so its been 10 years since ive own a car, ive borrowed heaps, and blah.

    Its so different from today's rather bland cars, I don't know if its just me or I have rose coloured glasses on from my youth, but the 70s are calling me, I have to go back get some thing old.

    So who hear can relate?
  2. My first car was 1977 Toyota Corolla, which is not what I would class as an interesting car. However, it did have one advantage compared to current models - it was very easy to maintain and repair without the need to take it to a mechanic.

    As far as "old" cars go, I like the small horsepower vehicles from the late 20's/early 30's ...... things like the Citroen Light 15, the Derby Bentley and the Rolls Royce 25/30.

    Yes, I admit, I am a little strange. :p
  3. Yeah, I can relate. I have a 1986 Toyota MR2, with the engine swapped to the supercharged 4AGZE from the later AW11s. 1040kg with half a tank of fuel, bigger boost pulley, glasspack muffler, et cetera.

    In absolute performance terms it's not really that fast "these days" in terms of straight-line performance and lateral grip... But with no power steering, barely-assisted brakes and a mid-engine RWD layout with the engine right behind the cabin, it's a hojillion times more communicative and involving than most modern cars.
  4. My first car was a 105E Anglia, given to me by a lady who had it standing in a paddock; I should have spent the money I DID on everything else, on the engine, cos it was stuffed :LOL:

    Needless to say I love old cars too, but my 1996 Magna has 244,000 kms on it, and any old car would have had three complete engine rebuilds in that span; it might be soul-less, but it's unbreakable....
  5. A pic says a thousand words
  6. Current car is a Subaru forester GT. 2 litre turbo = Much nicer drive than most..
  7. pretty happy with my car, nice and fun to drive, pulled a 12 second 1/4 out of the box factory stock, yet wouldnt get a 2nd look from the cops very comfortable and can get good mileage if you want to
  8. Modern cars are designed by a team of people trying to please everyone.
    Cars in the past were typically designed by one person, trying to make something they wanted to drive.

    The difference is obvious. It's the reason why I currently have a 1990 MR2 and a 1986 Alfa Romeo 33 (though I am willing to sell the Alfa if anyone is interested). Both are much more interesting than any of the modern cars I've driven, and that includes a lot of supposedly "sporty" models (which are basically the same as everything else aside from the ability to shatter your spine on every speedhump).

    Some of the cars I've not yet had the opportunity to drive/own, but would like to, include:
    Fiat 850 Sports, Fiat X1/9, Jaguar E-type, Alfa Romeo GTV6, Nissan 240Z, VW Karmann Ghia, Jaguar Mark 2, and a Fiat 124.
    Obviously there's plenty of exotics I'd also like to try, but the above list is a bit more realistically achievable (especially if anyone on here owns one and is willing to lend me the keys, I promise I'll behave :grin:).
  9. Driven a couple of those. back before we were married my wife shared a house wiht a girl who owned a Fiat 850 sport. Fun but any moisture in the air meant it would stop - awful electrics... even for Italian.

    An X1/9 I drove once - a really fun car, not at all fast but it felt like it was. I've driven a lot of Jags but never an E-type. I owned a MkVII which was big, heavy and wonderful - but amazingly expensive. Drove a 2-litre GTV which felt the same as my Alfetta sedan as if it was glued to the road. Driven a couple of Mk 2 Jags - the 2.4 was good but best was a 3.8S. My brother had a Fiat 124 and it was also flawed but lovely. Also some of the older big Nissan Sedans, a 280C and a 240K.

    I've owned a couple of mid 80's Fiat Regata 100S sedans. Full of character but flaky. I've had several older Rovers, (P4's) and a 3 litre Sedan which was one of the best cars ever. Also an EH Holden. HK Kingswood and done a lot of miles in a Valiant Pacer. Along with an XU-1 Torana belonging to my bro-in-law. And owned a 164 Volvo and an XC Falcon.

    I've also owned and/or driven Hillman Minxes, Wolseley 6/80's, a 1949 Wolseley 18hp and a Riley 2.5 sports saloon (owned very briefly). ANd a lot more besides.

    Our current car was my wifes choice - a Citroen C4 Turbo Diesel. A really good car to drive and a lot of character (and huge torque).
  10. Thanks for the feedback Tony. Think the important thing to note is that at the very least you do remember actually driving those cars. I've driven a lot of modern cars (rentals) and have actually gotten to the point I've forgotten which ones I've driven, and which I haven't.

    They're all just too damn similar. :(

    Edit: Will add that there is one exception, and that's 4wds. The 200 series Landcruise is by far the best offroad vehicle I've ever driven, and I've driven a lot of 4wds in about the toughest conditions imaginable (ie thrashing the crap out of them in open cut and underground mines).
  11. Funnily enough one of the better modern ones was the top of the line Camry Azura we had before the Citroen - bland but at least it had all the bells and whistles. The only option available was the paint colour. What I detest are the current Priuses (Priii?) and Camry hybrids we have in the work pool.
  12. Yeah I have a similar view of the Camry.
    Can't fault it, but can't find anything to like about it either.
  13. I've got a soft spot for the Datsun 1600. Would love to have one done up with a modern turbo engine.
  14. I can't stand new cars. Ugly, shapeless, boring blobs of plastic with waaaaaaay too many driver aids. Auto? Pfft. TRC? Pfft. STM? Pfft. ABS? Pfft. Unneccesary crap, all of it. And as for the emissions crap, the way I see it is open pipes and Weber sidedrafts>the environment :p
    I've currently got a couple of Scorpions, but I'd love another MR30 Skyline sedan. I had one back in 2009, it ran a mild L28/280ZX 5-spd combo with a DR30 LSD, coilovers and 15x8 -4 Superlites all 'round. Awesome fun to drive, attracted a bit of attention because it was flat-out LOUD but that's ok :p
    I also wouldn't mind a TA23 Celica. Those things are sex on wheels when done right :cool:
  15. wow, Tony, what a catalogue :shock:
  16. I love old cars, even though I sell new ones for a living.

    I'm especially fond of the post-war American cars up to the early 60s, in particular - Mopars.

    If you've been brought up in the fuel injection era, do yourself a favour. If you ever get the chance to drive a 240Z, a Twin Cam Escort, a Charger E38 or E49, an E-Type 3.8 or 4.2 - TAKE IT. These cars have a rawness and responsiveness that injected cars can never replicate.
  17. I've got a '68 XT Ford Fairmont that was my daily driver for about 10 years. It's now waiting for a resto. Under my bed are most of the parts for a turboed 250 cubic inch six. I used an pre pollution crossflow block (engine number) with an XF alloy head to get around emission laws. T4 Turbo. Mechanical secondaries 600 Holley set up for blowthrough. Manifolds and 3" mandrel exhaust all done. About 7.5:1 comp should allow for 20-25lb's boost on pump fuel. An estimated 400 odd hp in a 1400kg car that should be quiet as a church mouse, running a manual box should make an interesting sleeper :)
    However, getting married, kids, divorced, married again, buying houses, motorbikes, car etc have put a severe dent in progress. One day.
  18. driving an older car DOES cause you to look a new ones and go "hmmmmmm", however

    If I could I'd have a brace of Mazdas; a Mazda 6 and an MX5 (before the new, awful styling that mimics the ghastly "3" comes out, of course)
  19. Not all owned (a good few were) but having mates (and relatives) who have an interest in old cars means you get to drive a lot. I also had a chance to drive a 928 Porsche once (but only for a couple of kms) up in Echuca - when the owner had had a few too many :)

    I currently sit next to a guy at work who has five Alfas - from a late sixties 1300 GT Junior to a 159. Serious petrol head - I think the Top Gear guys would thoroughly approve. :)
  20. well it's long been urban folk-lore that only a tiny percentage of the Alfas that came to this country are still on the road, but that a huge number are in sheds, 'being restored'....

    the most exotic car I've driven was a 308 Dino Ferrari, in the late 80s, round the Fairbarin Park race circuit, funnily enough I still remember it vividly :LOL: