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New Carby, Empty Tank, How to start?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by aoeu, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. So my SR400 has been fitted with a new VM36 Carby. It hasn't been tuned. The bike is a fresh import and has had the tank emptied completely and dry. Now can I just poor in some new petrol and kick her over? Do I have to prime the carby or something? Anything? I'm scared I will flood it and make more trouble for myself.

  2. I'll try that. No risk of flooding or anything? fouling the spark plug? blowing up my house?
  3. Anything holding fuel and connected to the tap will work fine, even just a plastic bottle as long as it allows the fuel to reach the tap via gravity and doesn't leak.

    With the tap on, and new carb, the float boal should fill itself up automatically. Depending on the design it might happen straight away or might start only when you press the starter.
    Chances are you'll need to crank it over for a long time, so I'd recommend a spare battery just so you dont drain the first one too much.

    And dont hold the starter for extended periods of time ie. 10-15 seconds is about as much as you want to do in a single hit, wait 10 seconds and go again. Eventually it should start if everything is set up properly.

    Also flooding the engine shouldn't actually hurt it. If you can smell fuel coming out the exhaust (strongly) then its probably flooded which just means the carbies are adjusted too rich or you left the choke on too much (if it has one). Choke off, throttle wide open and cranked over just a couple times will blow all the fuel out and bring it back to normal.
    Fouling the spark plug also isn't a problem, worst you can do is cover it in fuel.. take it out, dry it off and put it back in - fixed
    And no, you won't blow up your house :p worst thing that will happen is it might not start (check idle adjustments, jets are all secured, no air leaks etc)

    In fact the only way I could start my old car first time every time, was to purposely flood it, hold the throttle open fully and after it cranked over twice it fired.
  4. ok i'm going to take my jerry can and dump it into the mower, then fill it with some new petrol. Thanks guys. If you don't hear back from me it either means i was successful or unsuccessful.

  5. Started up on the 5th kick or so. Amazing how an engine can come alive after months of being dormant.