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New car

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by typhoon, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Well, this is one of the reasons I couldn't head down to Eden, we have money tied up in other cars at the moment(selling them off), and rego plus stamp duty temporarily drained my fighting fund!
    We had been looking for a car at auction, and this one came up last weekend, do you know how long I had to wait for a non white or silver fleet car to come through! :LOL: No way I was buying another boring coloured car.
    The fiance is very happy, as she is the one who drives it the most. I really like driving it too! :twisted:
    Anyone who hasn't driven the last of the Magnas, and thinks the rumours about Magnas are true, owes it to themselves to give one a spin! They are amazingly cheap for what you get. Ours is a "base model" and has ABS, traction crontrol ,four airbags, climate control, cruise control, a really good stock stereo etc etc.
    The wheels came off our old Magna, and I had the tinting done.
    They handle exceptionally well, and you really have to push hard to find hints of it being a front drive car. The ride quality and quietness of the cabin is particulalry impressive, superior to Commodores and Falcons of the same year. I would also say the handling is more taut then either of these two(comparing base model cars here), particularly over rough roads, where the real independent rear suspension works well (never liked Holden's quasi IRS, too much camber/toe change).
    Power to spare, at least as quick as the Falcodore sixes off the line, maybe a little quicker when moving.
    Not bad for 2 years old, 31k kms and $15k flat.

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. nice, now to hit the landlord up to get that driveway sealed ;)
  3. Driven a few company/rental vehicles before - all that I found that stood out about the Magna was the absolutely appalling torque-steer in the 3.5L version. Though the Magna does at least have a decent auto which is more than can be said about Ford/Holden. Handling-wise I actually reckon the Camry is probably the better car - though have to admit the Magnas are an exceptionally good buy at the moment. That's certainly not a bad colour, helps take the attention away from the ugly front end styling :p.
  4. Magic gearbox

    Appalling build quality

    Good engine

    Average handling

    And the guy who styled that nose effort got the sack!!!

    But a nice buy for you Andrew, hope it goes well :).
  5. Odd, I've not noticed any torque steer , certainly our older ones torque steer quite a bit. Mind you, I think Camry's suck in every respect, and are way over rated! I really like the MASSIVE blind spot they have. I guess that's why different manufacturers make different cars, to suit everyone.
    The front end styling is different, when they came out I didn't like it, but I do now, funny how your perception of things change over time!
    I do want the driveway sealed Joel, but I doubt the landlord would spring for it, it is tough living on a GP's wage after all! :LOL:
    I'm just going to get some very coarse gravel (15-20mm ballast) put down as a compromise.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I've compared build quality to Ford and Holden Paul, and Mitsubishi have been superior since the mid 90's at least.
    You can really tell when you look at all three (actually four if you include Camry's)side by side at auction, when they've got some kilometres on them. Holdens feel clapped out at 50k kms, Fords just feel plasticky. Plus in this age of car, the Holden styling looks very dated.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Yeah as far as interior quality goes the Magna is definately well above Holden/Ford. I've seen the interior of fleet Commodores start to fall apart within a matter of months, and definately agree that Fords just feel cheap and nasty. As for torque-steer must admit that it was really only a problem if you really planted it - but then when it's not your car that does tend to occur fairly frequently ;) :LOL:. Don't think there's anything particularly fantastic about the Camrys handling - it's just one of the few cars I've driven without actually noticing anything particular - good or bad (and sometimes that's what you want in a car). When it comes to fun though I'd definately take a Commodore and a dirt road :grin: .
    Edit: Oh and as for the blind spot - well when you're used to driving something with a back window only about 6 inches high anything is going to seem like an improvement :LOL:.
  8. I know for a FACT that car is faster than a V6 VP Commodore... not even P-plates helped me win that drag race, back in the day :grin:
  9. So typhoon - do you own the old Rover in the first pic?
  11. Yep, and that's why I bought an MR2 - and why it's sad that Toyota has dropped anything even remotely interesting from their lineup :(.

  12. What about the Camry!?

  13. That's a Celica - and production of that stopped a couple of years ago (along with the MR-S).
    Was a fun little car though (for a FWD).
  14. I know.

    Same engine though :)
    --[in this series anyway]--

    I like the 94 Celica, and the mega old-school RWD one that looked a bit like a Datsun 240/80z.
  15. Err no. The earlier '94-'99 model used the same 5SFE as the Camry (and basically the same chassis as well) - although in Japan it had the MR2s 3SGE engine. The last generation Celica however ran the 1.8L 2ZZGE, also used in the "sporty" versions of the Corolla, and in the Lotus Elise/Exige. Camry's at the time had the option of a 2.4 2AZ-FE or 3L 1MZ-FE. Incidentally with Toyota engine codes anything with an "F" is a low-tune engine, "G" engines are designed for performance.
  16. ...Similar engine though :)
  17. Not really. The Celica engine was designed and built in Japan. The 4-cylinder Camry engine was designed in Kentucky and built in Australia. This is why the Celica engine produces 23hp more from 600cc less.
  18. ... Slightly different engine though :)