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New car - rust & paint protection???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Hey most knowledgable & experienced dudes!

    A new Mazda 3 SP23 with my name on it arrives next month and they want to sell me tint, rust protection, paint protection, and interior protection.

    TINT: darkest legal tint, $695.

    Rust protection: module, charges the chassis, runs off the battery.

    Paint protection: protective coating. Apparently stops bird-crap, etc. staining the duco.

    Interior protection: never have to ArmourAll the inside or anything - seats/carpet sealed & warranted.

    I'm pretty sure the tint can be done later for a couple of hundred bucks, but are the other bits worth getting? or are they gimmicky, dodgy dealer screw-you-out-of-extra-cash options?

  2. Don't forget the speed holes in the bonnet! :grin:

    But on a more serious note, don't worry about the tint, that's a rip-off, it can be done cheaper later. As for the rust and paint protection, if you don't live near the beach, I wouldn't worry about any kind of rust protection, even still it sounds dodgy, with the paint protection, what is it? Just another clear coat? Bird shite only does damage if left to bake in over a few days, even if that happens, a decent cut and polish should get rid of any marks.

    I guess it depends on how long you plan on keeping the car, if its for the next 50 years, then I would consider those things, if it's only for the next 5-10 years, I can't say they'll add much to the sale price as optional extras (unless your car is a faded rust bucket with no seats in 10 years time).

    It all sounds pretty pointless to me! Just another way they can get money out of you, maybe someone with more knowledge can be more helpful and I'll stop dribbling crap and be gone! :)
  3. Forget all the protection stuff. Rust protection is already done at the factory. All they do is apply $1 worth of synthetic wax and charge your an arm and a leg for it. You are better of doing this yourself. It's just a big scam.
  4. Rust protection is really a waste of time (unless you live near a beach as stated above) all cars now have very good rust protection from the factory.
    electrical rust prevention supplied dealers is sold as a install it and forget it type of unit, these units and there electrodes must be checked every 12 months.

    Tinting by a dealer is a rip, get it done by a 3rd party, and by a recognised specialist, 3M, Tintacar, Etc. cheaper and better quality.

    Interiour protection is a worthwhile investment, but once again ring around for 3rd party suppliers.

    Paint protection, your call, it will have to be inspected and checked every 12 months, me I stick with a meguiars polish every 3 months.

    With many years in the Automotive industry be very wary of dealer provided options, they are very expensive and generally of a low quality, dealers want maximum margin, and are not afraid to supply poor quality

    Just some examples of the work I used to do for dealers working for a large automotive accesory company
    Supply and fit cruise controls
    we charged the dealer $400 they stung the cust $1000
    Supply and fit CD player
    we charged the dealer $240 they stung the cust $500
    Supply and fit UHF radio and spotlights
    We charged the dealer $500 they stung the cust $1400!!!!

    But my favourite!
    We supplied and installed a 3 screen entertainment system to a honda odessy (spelling)
    we did the whole job for about $2000
    They charged the guy just under $6000!!!

    The dealers put massive margin on the extras, get them done after the sale, It will NOT affect your cars warranty, you'll save a fortune and get a better job!
  5. HAHAHAH...
    This is where these guys make there money.
    Price up what it will cost to get someone else to do your tint... they are making a smeg load.
    That little "Rust protection" device is the bigest load of Bovine Excriment If you feel the need bolt a sacrificiel anode to the car

    So basicly a block of zinc does the job.
    The Internal protection can be done with a can of armoral and a can of scotchguard.
    Now i can't confirm what the go is with the paint protection, but allowing for how much crap ther other two are... tell em to sod off.
    And next time when you are dealing and they stop moving on price get them to throw this crap in for free.
  6. Yep so true, I've bought 3 brand new cars before and each time they give me the tint/rust/paint/protection speech. But I did however get the paint protection on my most recent purchase as she gave me such a impressive demonstration of why I should get it... :grin: Now I wish I didnt cos it was only a waste of money...

    Tinting is not even done by their people, they just hire some dude that does tinting and then charge you 3 times the amount they paid that guy.... :shock:
  7. OK, thanks guys.
    I intend to have the car 5 years, then update.

    Yeah FALCON-LORD, I told the girl on the phone I can weld a block of zinc on to do the same thing [go HS chemistry! Just paid for itself :grin:] - and I don't live near the beach.

    I'll get the tint done aftermarket, and investigate paint and interior protection aftermarket.
    The only reason I was considering it was because Mazda would give the exterior, chassis and interior a life-time warranty with those options fitted ie. find rust? New bits for free.
    Can't get a stain out of the seat? New seat.

    & it's transferrable to the new owner, but I figure I'll just look after the damn thing and save myself a few grand :)
  8. My brother in law used to detail all the new cars for Brighton Mazda here in Melbourne.

    Some of the stories he has told me about their extras they offer would blow your mind.

    Just an example - some woman opted for number plate covers and never bothered to ask the price so they charged her $90 for them, you can buy them from the parts department for $40 retail!

    Anyways ....

    Tint they used to get done down the road at tint a car for $120.
    I got my car re-tinted not long ago and it cost me $320, thats for stripping the old tint and applying new *cough*not legal*cough* metal based top quality tint.

    Interior protection - they used to buy scotch guard in bulk and just spray it around the interior, it took them no more than 2 mins to do it!
    I suggest going to safeway / coles and buy yourself a bottle and do it.

    Paint protection - again they used to buy it in small single application sized bottles for around the $20 mark and wack it on like a 10y/o would polish your car.
    I suggest a good quality acrylic sealer, after all this is what paint protection is. Its a longer lasting polish, and acts like a hard shell over the paint and wont wear away at the same rate a wax would. If you are still interested in doing this i would suggest a product called Klasse, its imported from Germany and comes in a 3 stage process. All-in-one (paint cleaner / polish), High gloss sealant glaze (paint protection), Sonus (a quick detailer that contains some sealant glaze). This will not fair well however if the car is waxed before hand so wash it with Dawn dish washing liquid, it will strip the wax off. Its pretty expensive at around the $100 mark but it will last for years and does a brilliant job. BTW you cant buy it off the shelf here, you will need to order it from a detailing supplier.

  9. Ktulu gives Jamie_2006 the "Most Useful Person In The World 16th April 2007" award.

  10. The phrase total and utter waste of time and money comes here.

    Having dealt with the absolutely NOTHING you get back from them when there is a problem (ex's car) I can only say never again.

    You can get the same "paint protection" stuff they charge like $800 for off ebay for $30-40.
  11. I agree with the optional extras being a scam.
    New cars come with really long body rust warranties these days, and maufacturing techniques and design have eliminated most rust traps in car design.
    I've seen paint protection films fail in two years, and it cost around $500 to have it removed. I think it is some sort of polymer.
    Everyone above has nailed it, buy the minimum car you want from teh dealer, and run away fast! The extras are where they get the negotiated discount back from you!
    I disagree with the acrylic sealer, I'd just use a permium polymer or carnuba wax monthly, modern urethane paints can take a heap of abuse and still look great.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. It is a scam. all of it. It's your money honey, so do what you like
  13. Margins on new cars are so small these days dealers need to offer after market products to make money.

    Window tint dealer price $220 retail $350 max for 3M film.

    Electric rust protection? I have seem plenty of cars with rust where they use self tapping screws to hold them down.

    Interior protection? You can not buy it off the shelf and I would not get it just take care of the car and clean up any spills A.S.A.P. Do not apply Armour All to the interior as it can cause the dash to crack.

    Paint protection? Total waste. All these products are just a wax and will wash off anyway. Keep the car clean and polish it once a month. Bird crap will chew through any paint protection if left. I have seen paint damage within hours in summer. Wash all bird crap off immediately. If the birds in your area are eating fruit their turds are like acid

    This is not opinion but fact I have worked in the trade for 14 years.
  14. If the margin is so small on cars, why can dealerships spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on showroom renovations, and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent on their properties every year, and still have enough left over to pay everyone there a very good wage? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Just keep the thing clean and you'll be set.

    More importantly for a 3, first suitable corner you get to, floor it, hook the wheel then lift right off the throttle. Lift off oversteer FTW.
  16. Ktulu, I've been down this path a few times over the past 10 odd years.

    Go to a local (preferably independent) car detailing company, and ask them about what products they use, and how much it would cost to get a small Mazda done. Don't mention it's in competition to the brand new sales stuff the dealership is pedalling. You will be very surprised what you find out.

    I could be wrong, but you might also find in the fine print to do with the paint protection that the "lifetime" guarantee they offer only remains valid if you return the car at least once annually to have the protection reapplied, obviously at your cost. Kind of makes the lifetime warranty become a 1 year warranty, and therefore totally defeating the purpose!
  17. Apparently yes I have to return the car once a year for reapplication - BUT, it's free, after I pay the upfront crap to get the car done.

    ... about $3k :?

    Screw that. I'll get the tint and maybe the interior protection done aftermarket.
  18. Service and parts make up for sales and pay the wages. Manufacturers also give dealers bonuses for selling a certain number of cars. Oil companys help out in a big way with the fit out of the workshop. When I was working at a Hyundai dealer I remember Excels going out the door for $50 clear dealer proffit back in 99. We made alot more money per car a few years ago as there just was not the huge choice that we have now, The Australian market is spoilt for choice.
  19. working in a prestige dealership we do not get paid a very good wage!!!
    the overall comments are fairly accurate but just check what else is part of the package. electronic rust is a total waste of time. some packages offer wheel or scratch and dent warranties treat these as an insurance as they make up the bulk of the price but can save thousands if you get your car damaged. DO NOT ever put armour all or any silicone based treatment on your dash. silicon is used to draw out moisture and will do the same to the dash. most modern dashes are fine will a damp cloth to keep them clean. a $600 tint is about the price for the approved anti cancer council tint. this includes a donation to them any other tint about $200 should be fine. why do dealerships spend so much on showrooms and rent and all the other services? i'll give you a hint Typhoon. you demand it.
  20. not going to disclose where or who i work for, but again, another prestige dealership.

    electric anti-rust treatment is a load of ****, 2 wires run to the battery, 1 negative, other positive, in my opinion is for the LED to light up..... the contact under the unit produces a fraction of a volt to not stop, but slow down the growth of rust, if contacting bare metal, which it doesn't, it is contacting paint. with the resistance from the paint, how much voltage is actually travelling through the chassis.... i tell you, not much.. not when you can buy an aftermarket item and install it properly your self for around $50.

    the synthetic was treatment is actually not too bad... how can rust form if the salt cannot penetrate to the metal. they spray down a-b-c pillars, inside the doors, inside the sub frame of your bonnet, everywhere..... but they also spray onto your strut towers, in the engine bay, boot etc, to give that authentic spew look, very messy stuff.

    under body rust protection, is the same sort of deal as the synthetic wax, but more like sound deadener under the car.. highly recommended.

    paint protection, usually expensive, and in my opinion is just polish.

    fabric, vinyl, and carpet protection = waterproofing fabric which is not usually carried out properly, vinyl = armour all, carpet protection = waterproofing once again.

    could add more about pre delivery inspections, first services, etc. but can't give too much away.