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New car first service query

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, May 12, 2010.

  1. Just dropped my new car in for it's first service.

    I asked them what they did and was told it's just a full check and follow up any niggles. I was surprised. "Don't you change the oil?" I says, thinking about how important the first oil change is on a bike, and the guy says, "No, that's at 15000km". Does that strike anyone else as odd?

    The car is a 2010 V6 Commodore.

    Commode jokes over there please ---------->

  2. so its only done a few thousand? like 2,500 or so?

    sounds pretty normal, they just have a quick look around to make sure nothing is about to fall off then thats it.
  3. Ok thanks mate.

    We bikers are all so paranoid about the bike's first service, to get that crappy run in contaminated oil out and some fresh stuff in... I'm surprised cars aren't the same.
  4. I guess the average car engine's oil filter is enormous compared to most bike filters so it can cope with all the crap from the first few hundres kms without clogging up solid.

    I doubt if an oil and filter change would hurt, but as long as the manufacturer's recommendation is followed and the warranty remains valid, all should be well.
  5. i don't think i'd be waiting till 15,000k to dump the oil on a new engine , sounds odd to me.

    handbook says?
  6. most new cars are like that these days either 15,000ks or 1 year what ever comes first.
  7. yeah its funny isn't it, bike first services include oil and filter but they don't worry about it with cars.

    yeah most stuff now has 15,000k's between oil changes, its a pretty long time but its obviously ok. my ute needs oil and filter every 10k but my mums territory is every 15k i think..

    its not really like the engines are getting a workout though, unless you're got the foot buried everywhere haha.
  8. I had the same conversation when I dropped off the Rav for it's 1st.
    Was just as surprised as you Rob.
  9. 15K seems like a long time. I used to change mine every 5K (performance engine) and now every 10K ( 4WD - non performance engine).
  10. I'm the kind of paranoid to drop the oil and filter myself just to be sure and to make sure it has full synthetic. Esp since it's meant to go for 15k between changes.
  11. 15,000km isn't long seems about the norm really... Coming from basically a car background I sometimes wonder whether it's a big con or not with the short intervals and cost of oil for bikes???
  12. Short intervals no, at least for anything aircooled with small sump capacity, marginal filtration and minimally lubricated overhead cams sharing the lubricant with the gearbox. Thousands of 70s/early 80s Japanese bikes died unnecessarily early due to owners not realising this until the cam chewed up the head. Interestingly, my watercooled BMW K series with a separate gearbox has 10,000 km intervals IIRC (though i would never leave it that long myself).

    Cost of bike oils? A qualified yes, but that's another teapot full of eels entirely.
  13. car engines dont reach 14k rpm all that frequently and have a much larger sump + filter. Would say that would make all the difference.
  14. it sounded like something a peter stevens service centre would tell you...

    but hey it's brand new and under full manufacturers warranty and that's what the manufacturer is saying to do...

    gah!, i'd still change it.
  15. I take it in for the 1st service with the dealer, If they won't change the oil while the Car is in for it's 1st service, I will, and I never let the oil go to 15000k's I do a change at the half way point, and throw on a new Oil filter while I'm there, I figure for the sake of $50 worth of Oil and filter, it's pretty cheap insurance.
    And the oil in Modern Cars has to work pretty hard, granted the quality of modern Oil's has improved. But I will stick to my halfway point Oil change.
  16. It's the metal particulates from running in the engine that made me expect at least an oil change at the first service... but it's obviously not so much an issue for car engines.

    I've just learned that the 3000km service is referred to as the complimentary service. The actual first service is listed as occuring at 15000km or 12months, so give nuganen a cigar.
  17. My Hyo rarely pulls more that 7000 and has 3.5ltrs of oil and my lantra rarely goes above 5,000 and has just over 4ltrs there's that much difference...
  18. Just re-read your first post and realised it was a Commodore, so it will probably get burnt out by a bogan before it needs the oil changed anyway.
  19. They are.

    But how much effort are you really willing to put into longevity, when youll probably sell it long before engine wears out.
  20. meh, my hyo was rarely under 8-9000 when on the go and had about 2 litres of oil. I'd also guess a 3.6L v6 would want a bit more oil than a 1.8 4 cyl.