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New Cans for VTR1000F '06

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Custard, May 2, 2007.

  1. Yo fellow netriders,

    I originally posted this in Tech Torque, but I think it's prolly better here eh... mods feel free to kill the other one

    I have recently aquired a black '06 Firestorm which is desperately in need of a set of cans. I'm relatively new to the whole mods for road bike thing, so any advise would be greatly appreciated. I need:

    Street legal
    Deep tone - low, nice and growly, not too woofy, but not psycho loud either (I've heard carbon fibre is the go)
    Not too fussed if they are chrome or darker colour (carbon) - am warming to the dark ones tho..
    No mods to pegs as I regularly go 2 up
    Something which doesn't require radical carby mods - minor is ok (and info on rejetting if required)

    So what have people got?? what do you like??

    Also while I'm here, do any of you VTR people have bar risers (I've heard of kits with 16mm risers which don't require mods to brakes and clutch etc). How much are they??

  2. I just did a shit load of research for my bike (although its not a VTR but it is a V Twin) and have ordered a set of Leovince titanium high mount pipes, I ordered them direct from the U.S. and they will be here Friday, 5 days for delivery and even with delivery it worked out around $400.00 or $500.00 cheaper than I could get them for locally and it was gonna take around two weeks for the bike shop to get them in, bloody stupid but thats how it is. Oh and the VTR is a Super Hawk in the U.S. I think
  3. Lookin forward to hearin and seein those Kev :grin:
  4. Yes me to, the standard pipes do sound rather gay
  5. Cheers man.. thats also what I'm hoping to do. I've heard of people getting insane deals on ebay for new pipes, etc. I just need to figure out which ones to get!
  6. Yes do some research, get on the U.S. VTR Sites or Owners Forums, you will find a huge amount of reviews and tests on various exhausts and by all means look on ebay but also look at the bikeshops that the forum members on the U.S. forums recommend, you will find most will deal with international customers and all the dealing I have had they have been really good and really cheap, and not just for parts but just about everything is cheaper.
  7. I run a single Leo Vince pipe on my twin (S/S, I think, although it looks like a titanium finish) and I can say it sounds awesome. But I'd also say it's probably too loud for your taste.

    If you're going twin pipes though (which I believe is standard for the VTR) it might be a little quieter - and you can always get baffles done fairly cheap if necessary. If you are going carbon you'll need to go two pipes, or get carbon pipes that are reinforced with alu or S/S inside (which will make them heavy). I know with my particular bike single carbon cans tend to end up with large 'blow-holes' in them: too much pressure for one can! :shock: My guess is the VTR would be the same, given it's a big v-twin also.

    I test-rode a VTR with twin Microns - sounded pretty horn, and not silly loud. Might be worth a look.
  8. Boy have I been doing some investigating. I will attempt to sumarise my findings here for the benefit of others and also invite anyone to comment please.

    Firstly I decided to go down the road of finding as many manufacturers who make an exhaust for the VTR 1000... Then basically trolled through US superhawk forums and read peoples experiences and opinions etc..
    The findings are as follows:

    My investigations were a little bias as I am looking for a carbon fibre can, for the black look which I'm keen for.. Also going for low or standard mount... Frigging around with pegs and indicators can bugger off..

    Two brothers Racing : LOUD. 2 sizes for oval and 1 for round. Fairly popular in the US. DO the usual CF/SS/TI - Moderately priced

    D&D: Extremely Loud "Obnoxious" Low quality & cheap. A lot of the Seppo's like em tho - purely because they are trying to drown out harleys

    Yoshi's: Oddly enough the Yoshi site says that they have no product suited to the VTR 1000. Yet I have seen them on many an SP1 & SP2. Anyone care to enlighten me?? Widely regarded as the quietest aftermarket pipe.

    Remus: Good gear, however they only so AL and TI Slip ons no CF

    Micron: Good stuff, do CF/CR/TI/SS slip ons in a multitude of colours. DO matching jet kits also. Seem to be readily available.

    Jardines: LOUD. Although it appears there are street and race cores which are quite different. None the less they are both loud. Again pretty popular in the US

    Staintunes: no CF.. all SS/CR by the looks of it.. relatively quiet compared to others

    LeoVince - High quality.. "refined/tuned" sound.. no CF however do oval alum slip ons

    Devils: SUPER LOUD... up there with D&D... yuk

    Ixil: Carbon round cans look nice - couple of people reckon they are sweet.. (every pipe has it's fans tho) also do carbon ovals...

    Scorpion: good range - oval and round slip ons in CF/SS/TI HA55 model. Scorpion website also has cool little sound bytes on they're pipes on dyno's and also on ride by

    Erions: no info..

    The general concensus was that the more radical the exhaust mods the higher the likely hood of requiring rejet due to leaning out and the subsequent flat spots and issues with high running temp etc.. Also quite a lot of talk of some pipes creating pretty severe pops and carby back fires under decel.. Also a fair bit of talk about some thing called the PAIR system.. bit over my head..

    It seems tho that with most slips ons you can get away without rejetting some of the more reliable in this instance being Yoshi's and Scorpions...

    So there is it...

    In summary I think I want to stay away from the Harley wanna be's with the D&D's and the DEVILS etc... Perhaps even the two bro's and Jardines are too much as well... All subjective to taste tho which makes interpreting reviews quite difficult.

    I'm probably leaning toward a Micron or Scorpion slip on at this stage in CF and hoping not to rejet.. (keep in mind I'm not after mega hp gains - just a nicer note really and a little extra go). Also interested in the two bro's but concerned about the psycho loud factor.. Am limited somewhat with certain manufacturers who only do high mounts or don't do carbon..

    Really the only way to decide I'm guessing is to actually hear a few pipes in person stacked up against each other, which is going to be pretty hard to organise I reckon, eh!!

    Thoughts, comments??
  9. My SP1 had a full system RS3 Yoshi's on it and the thing was stupidly loud. Churning out 127db

    My Firestorm has Yoshi RS3 end cans with no baffles, just the perforated tubing and it's pretty loud.

    I didn't read the rest, I'm a one eye'd Yoshi fan
  10. Have you had alook at holeshot....not sure if they do them for the vtr but they do do them for the sv1000, and they aren't carbon fibre but they do come in black....and you can also get them in high rise and allow you to keep your pillion pegs..... there is also a sound clip on there site too.

    Maybe worth having alook at them too.
  11. Holeshot don't have anything fot the VTR, but thanks anyway
  12. Interesting - I wonder if there is somewhere I can find data on dB readings for different pipes
  13. What sort of bike do you have4 KevS ?

    I have heard an SV1000 with leo vinces on it. It was quiet a nice note. Not as in your face as a set of yoshi's. The leo's were more behaved at idle, but opened up when you opened your right wrist.

    I'm waiting for a set of Megacycles from Melb for my K6 SV1000S. Very loud pipes.
  14. +1 to Staintunes.

    I find as a bit of a general rule the carbon fibre cans will sounds deeper. Whilst the Stainless, titanium, will have a brighter more metallic sound. More of a crispness to it.

    As indicated, I have the staintunes on my VTR1000 and love them. They also have a removable "spud" or baffle setup which is designed to make the pipes legal with them fitted. I still think it's pretty loud with them in anyhow.
    I don't know anyone with the Staintune product that doesn't like the sound , look or fit-finish of them.

    I ride with the spuds out. And as for them being pretty quiet. I ride with earplugs.....

    Staintune has great service.
    Last I heard, you could send in your cans free of charge and have them fully buffed back to "like new" if they have a few years under their belt!
    Don't know many other places that do this.. Might not matter to some, but I like a company that supports their product.

    No, I don't work for Staintune... :)
  15. The carbon fiber is just a layer over the aluminium so the sound should be the same?
  16. Staintunes

    I have staintunes high mounts on my VTR, you get spacers with them to enable the rear pegs to be retained. Love the sound, think it needs a retune though i get a little back fire thru the carb as i cruise but when you roll on its gone.
  17. Let me know if I can hook you up with a set of Microns ;)

    We have plenty of them in stock :grin:
  18. +1 staintunes , have a look in ozfirestorm.com im sure you will find all the info on cans for storms you will ever need cheers bob
  19. Funny you should say that I have been leaning toward the Microns since having a look around.. Also gone off the carbon somewhat - a few that I have heard are a bit woofy, sort of drone that I reckon migth give me a headache. Best I have heard yet were a set of stainless oval shaped microns. If I go high mount I still wanna have the pillion pegs, but low mount is cool with me. Are you serious Vic? where do ya work (I know thats a ridiculous question, that everyone prolly knows the answer to)
  20. I work for the Micron Importer :grin:

    It's a wholesaler that sells lots funky stuff :)