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New Canberra Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by blacksheriff84, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Hi Net Riders,

    I'm new to this community. I recently brought myself my first full powered motorcycle, a Kawasaki ZX-9R.

    Iv been riding on and off for the past 16 years but on nothing larger than a restricted 650, until now....

    Looking for some friendly souls to go riding with on the weekends, day trips or weekend trip. I really don't mind.

    Well, I look forward to maybe meeting a few of you on the road.

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  2. Welcome blacksherrif :) I'm no help in terms of riding buddies, I'm afraid, but can still say howdy ;) I'm sure some more useful folk will be along soon...
  3. Welcome mate :cool:
  4. Welcome to the forums
  5. Welcome to the forum mate.

    There's no escaping the nuthouse......
  6. gday BlacksheepBlacksheep and welcome to NR - you'll have fun on your new bike, enjoy!
  7. Thanks everyone for welcoming me to net riders. Can anyone tell me. Do many riding events get posted through here?
  8. yes mate they do. check this link:
    Ride and Event Announcements
  9. Cheers matey. Although I feel ACT Should have its own section.
  10. get some more rides happening and the mods might build it for you...

    if you click 'other states' then the blue ACT button you will see that one ride has been arranged by ACT members, hence 'other states'
    Other States
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  11. lol sure thing. Thanks for the blue button hint.
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  12. Welcome to NR mate, great old bikes the ZX9Rs, they were the bike to beat back in their day, keep an eye on the steering head bearings, they tended to flog them out pretty quick.
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  13. Hi and welcome.

    A few of us do the loop most weekends, usually Sunday - Canberra, Sutton, gundaroo, gunning, graben gullen, Crookwell, goulburn for fuel, tarago, bungendore and home. Usually via beer. Might post an event. You're welcome to join us.
  14. thanks for the advise
  15. lol thanks
  16. that'll be great be sure to post it in the events area. I would be keen to come along for the ride.
  17. welcome aboard :)
  18. Hi blacksheriff84blacksheriff84 ACT used to have Canberra riders forum however thats finished and now any social rides are run through the face book page.

    Or all you need to do is head to the Tharwa General Store/Cotter Road/Brindabella Rd/Uriarra Road any weekend and I'm sure you'll meet loads of people.
    If you ride down Cotter Road and take a right up Brindabella Road enjoy the twisty but slightly bumpy bit.. then keep going past Uriarra village turn left at the T intersection you will end up in Church - this is a place where you will find many worshippers out on their two wheeled gods..particularly on a Sunny Sunday..

    also other hotspots are Bungendore - any cafe - any weekend.

    Loaded Dog Hotel in Tarago - usually any weekend during the warm weather.