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New Canadian Intro

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kidbatz, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Hi all,
    My name's Dale. In March of 2015 I moved to Sydney from Kelowna BC Canada (near vancouver). I've been riding dirtbikes since I was a 16 and streetbikes for 5 years now. I was a member of a forum back in my hometown and find them a to be a great resource for meeting new people. I started my street riding career on a cbr600 and then later my zx10r in picture. It was my previous bike.


    Recently I managed to spare enough money to buy a cb900f honda hornet that will be tasked with doing everything from weekend hooligan rides to being loaded with panniers and camping gear for my site seeing adventures around some of the country.


    Currently the only twisty roads I'm familiar with are the putty road and old pacific highway but I'm planning to extend that list fairly rapidly . See you guys out there :cool:
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  2. Welcome to the forum mate. Keep an eye on the Ride planning thread for nsw and join us if you can.
  3. Hi and welcome Dale, gotta love the 900 Hornet. A great machine:cool:
  4. gday kidbatzkidbatz / Dale and welcome to NR!
  5. G'day Dale, welcome.......................... is your bedroom in Canada vacant?
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  6. Thanks guys . I don't have a place in Canada anymore, unless you want to live with my mom :confused:
  7. What's she like?
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  8. Welcome :cool:
  9. welcome aboard :)
  10. Welcome to NR...

    Come around to Melbourne some time..
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  11. Good cook and stuff.. but I think dad might not be cool with it :p
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  12. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. I will be near your old home town next August
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  13. No probs it took me two attempts to get it to work (I really should read instructions, it's a male thing lol)
  14. thanks mate, point taken
  15. Aloha kidbatzkidbatz , you'll def find riding in Oz a heck of a lot warmer and milder weather most times :) Some great bunch of hooligans in the Syd area and some pretty nice roads too. Enjoy and stay upright !!
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  16. yeah that SibiSibi / 69SIM69SIM / Andrew WestAndrew West / GeorgeOGeorgeO / Steve VtecSteve Vtec mob are almost 1%ers, don't even get me started on the others lol