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new camera

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by para, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Had this bad bot delivered today

  2. damn.

    so much drool in my laptop now I probably need a new one. grats on the body, that's awesome!!
  3. Lucky lad. Pity it's a Canon.
  4. geez mate, hope your in the photography business, u can buy a bike for the same price

    should get my Nikon d700 soon :D
  5. $5000 for a camera? :-O
  6. Next time post this in the photography threads we have one set up for this sort of thing.
  7. yes I do work in the photography business.

    oops my bad mods feel free to move apologies
  8. I was not far off ordering a 1ds mk3 but I hear a rumour that there is a new 1ds mk4 on the books. first I hear august, then september.

    I shoot on water stuff, or used too until my main business took up too much time. Big step up for me to a 1ds, but megapixels on water mean you can crop hard. 1d seals mean less damage repairs too. Is it worth it?
  9. There was a rumour a while back ref 1ds 4.
    Had my 1st outing with the 1d m 4 @ the weekend loved it I shoot a range genres watersports(wakeboarding)sports various weddings underwater fashion and glamour etc found the 1d absolutely awesome with the weather sealing will be great come the wet up here.
    Is it worth it? I think so.

  10. Gotta watch those bad bots :LOL:
  11. I guess for me at this stage its probably not worth it, but I will probably buy it anyway :p

    On a given weekend on the water, I might make $1000 for a big regatta maybe 2 times a year. Considering travel time, cost of running the boat, paying someone to drive the boat makes it hard to justify a $10k camera. Would take me quite a few years to make its money worth. But hey, its not always about the money! Def worth it if you are a full time pro.
  12. I looked at the 1ds 3 but as I do sports as well as others thought the 1d 4 was a better choice with 10 fps and 120 sequence still have a 5d 2 for weddings glamour etc
    My only wish would be the 1d was ff but for sports the 1d rocks.
    Have had this discussion with a few togs