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New Cafe Open on Putty Road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hi y'all

    There is a brand spankers new Cafe / Diner on the Putty Road now.

    It is called the Grey Gum Cafe and their first day of business was on New Years Day!

    It is located exactly halfway along Putty Road, 86kms from Windsor and 86kms to Singleton.

    They are open 7 days, with a full menu including pizza, pasta, cakes, sandwiches, coffee, softdrinks and even a souvenir shelf. They are also fully licensed!!

    It has modern decor including air-conditioning, a disabled access ramp, verandah dining, covered lawn dining, male/female toilets and showers, and most importantly, a purpose built concrete parking strip for motorcycles, (the cagers have to park on the sand heehee!!)

    It is not built on the site that the Halfway House used to be, it is actually a few kilometres down the road. As I said, brand new!

    The staff and owners are very friendly and nice, and I can personally vouch for their hot chocolates and thick raisin toast!

    Check it out!
  2. Does it have petrol?
  3. nope, but you wouldnt need to fill up there anyway, since its 170km between windsor and singleton / broke, you can fill up either end if you really wanted to, considering most bikes would at least get 200km from a full tank, unless you ride a harley? :p
  4. Thanks for the info Mav, will definitely stop in on the way up north!!
  5. I spotted that the other day!

    Other Good news the half way house is being resurrected aswell! I met the new owner on the weekend. The guy is an artist and does awesome metal sculptures. He is planning to set it up as a bit of a motorcycle haven, he has good plans to make a cool place to hang out and as a way to show off his artworks.

    I'm glad to see some life being restored into the putty, the motorbike scene really died the day the halfway house burnt down..
  6. Got pictures of it as well, its even got its own dedicated MC spot, did wish it had its own petrol station.
  7. wowsers, soon it'll back to the 70s when there was the Wooden Spoon at the top of Colo, a garage/cafe where the emergency phone is now, and which was called the Halfway House, then the current Halfway House which was called the Garland Valley Road House!

    I really DO hope these people can make a go of their businesses, but there's not as much traffic, especially trucks, as used to be, and with diesel cars especially being able to do prodigious mileage between fill-ups, their main challenge is going to be getting people to stop......
  8. Cops will catch wind REALLY soon...my word you will see increased harassment.

  9. bit like this eh


  10. Yep! The owner was showing me a photo of a brand new vw golf parked infront of it in top gear magazine, full page photo he was wrapt about it
  11. Yeah my Harley can make it fine, but would love to do the putty on the SXV before it sells but it won't make it. It's not really designed for that but the top twists would be great fun.

    Hope that halfway house sells petrol again.
  12. What kind of range does the sxv get? As for petrol on the Putty, it should be less than 170km between fuel, I think it is actually around 140km.
  13. About 125 you might make 140 if you didn't ride it hard but where is the fun in that. The tank is only 7L, it's a race bike really no need to worry about range on the track.
  14. Grey Gum should be good for a while. They are looking to expand and include camping ground area, that is waiting on council approval atm.

    I got a run down on the history of the halfway house. the original owner was a Thai cop on the run from corruption charges. Came to Australia and started up halfway house, but gave day-to-day management to a local couple. When it started making a loss and went into receivership, he couldn't get a buyer, so fine saturday the couple close up early, and a couple of hours later it burns down!
  15. The metal sculpture man is the guy who runs the workshop/studio behind the roadhouse at Kulnura on the Wollombi Road just out of Central Mangrove. He also does wooden outdoor furniture, coffee tables, etc. He's very good.
  16. I think most of us suspected that it was a "Lenny the Torch" job 8-[
  17. yeah it reaked of insurance job.
    i hope they get fuel soon. no way you can do the boree trail through yengo NP without fuel on the putty, unless youve got a safari tank.
  18. I went up this morning to try the bacon and egg rolls and coffee - not bad on both accounts actually, and certainly hit the spot...
    The lady running the show realises bikers will be her bread and butter, and seems genuinely interested - she actually remembered Mr and Mrs Mav when I mentioned that's how I'd heard of them!
    And the company was good - 5 other bikes there, and I was joined for brekky by an old fella from Singo on a busa!
    Phone photos, apologies for quality...

    The concrete "Bike Only" parking strip:

    My baby with the cafe behind (and next to a genuine '69 Bonnie!):

    I think I'll make a monthly trip out of this if anyone else is interested? Up for brunch, then you could either head back down or keep on to Singleton and back. The road is solid, wide, and unchallenging on the southern end, suitable for all skill levels...
  19. Yeah, I'd definitely be interested. I'd be coming from the north and going back the same way, I reckon. Could make it in time for brunch but not brekkie. I'm on hols for the next two weeks and looking to ride this road on the the first fine day.
  20. Yeah too far for brekkie for me too - left home at 8am and got there about 10, home about 12.30... I reckon a 10.30 meet-time at the cafe would be comfortable for everyone.
    Didn't really time myself from Wilberforce but it's just over 80Km, so I'd say a 9.30 meet at the servo there for the southerners.