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new cadbury chocolate add on TV

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tigger65, Aug 24, 2008.

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  2. ive seen it, but i can't imagine how its related to chocolate.
  3. Ive seen this before, a while ago ... cant recall if it was cadbury or not
    Saw it on 1 of the morning show, best tv commercials segment something like that, won an award.
  4. No idea either, but I've got a strange yearning for some stuff wrapped in purple now!
  5. Phil Collins would turn me off anything.
  6. True, though you have to admit this is his one half-decent song... and it works well in this context.
  7. At least they paid for this one.

    The last ad they were running had a blantant rip off of Dave Brubeck's "Unsquare Dance". Anyway.
  8. Saw this on the Gruen Transfer. They were creaming all over it.
  9. Yeah, i dont understand either... Dont get me wrong, i love the song and a confession of mine is I love music by Phil Collins (earlier music not his pox stuff) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: and in the air tonight is one of my favorite songs of all time but it doesnt remind me of chocolate but it reminds me of White Suits with Pastels, Don Johnson and Miami Vice... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. My neice swears black and blue that the gorilla is real.

    She wasn't sure what the add was about though :LOL:
  11. i too fail to see how that relates to cadbury chocolate......... all i could think about during the ad was flares and 1970's slow dance disco for some weird reason
  12. who cares about the relationship to chocolate!! there is a million way more random ad's been on TV in the past. some of the more recent coca cola ad's for example. this one is awesome. im been laughing for days. check through youtube, there is a heap of great rip off's of it drumming to different music and stuff.
  13. At coffee tonight, someone asked if anyone else had seen the Cadbury ad. To which we all replied yes. They then said they thought they were the only one who couldn't work it out. To which we all replied, no, you're not alone. They then asked, why, if no one knows what it's about, what use is it...

    Except we are ALL talking about. Normally preceded by 'Have you seen the new Cadbury ad....'. It's working exactly as they expected. Not only that, but they are encouraging (they link to Youtube from the Cadbury site) spoofs and spinoffs. They're actually having consumers develop their own ads for their product, using a free distribution tool (Youtube) and then email and web links to propogate the message.

    Production cost. 1 actor in Monkey suit. Makeup. Some drums, purple backcloth and a small fortune to Phil Collins for the rights to use the music. A few small discreet ads on television and let everyone else do the rest. Viral marketing at its best.
  14. Indeed - which is why I refuse to talk about it :) I just wanted to mention that although Phil Collins marketed himself to bits and produced his share of tripe in his career, he was at one time a truly bad-ass drummer, one of the best. And not a bad singer, or a writer... and he was a part of early Genesis, which in its Peter Gabriel era was an amazing band. In fact, even the first two albums put out by Genesis after Phil Collins took over the lead were still excellent - it's only after that it all went to shit.

    If you have interest in music, do yourself a favour and dig up some early Genesis stuff... I'm talking early/mid 70s.
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    Patrick Bateman wkc7JEMcSaM[/media]]disagrees (NWS)
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    I said, 70s! He's talking about Duke, which was in the 80s - it was the last gasp, a mere shadow of their former greatness. Ironically, pretty much everything he says is quite right, except he's talking about a wrong record...

    Once on youtube I started looking for genesis and peter gabriel stuff, and there is a bit of that, including entire live version of their opus, "supper's ready" - a whole 22+ minutes of it.

    They don't make music like that anymore and if they do, nobody has the attention span required to enjoy it... myself included, to be honest.
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    Right, which means he disagrees with your assertion that the 70's output was superior - it being "too artsy, too intellectual". We have our wires crossed.

    FWIW, I'm a huge Genesis fan...SEbTP is on right now. I still rate Hackett's solo on Firth of Fifth as possibly my all time favourite. You're preaching to the converted. :)

    P.S. Hadn't they disbanded by the 80s? :wink:
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    Nice! Very smooth and classic. My favourite 'smoothies' actually come from early Phil Collins days: 'Ripples' and 'Blood on the rooftops'... I could forgive him a lot just for doing 'blood on the rooftops' once.

    But I really liked Genesis when they were at their rawest, weirdest and least perfect: The Knife, Get 'em out by Friday, Musical Box...

    For those not yet converted, visit youtube for this live clip of Musical Box, from 1973: http://uk.[media=youtube]RAKf6Th_zdk[/media]

    Peter Gabriel just looks Goth.. in 1973! Nothing is new, you know.

    Phil Collins sports a full head of hair, but already holds his trademark upwards-looking pose behind his drum kit.

    Hackett looks like he stepped straight out of 'Spinal Tap' :)

    If you get bored, jump straight to around 3:50 mark, when they start to rock out... and don't miss the last couple of minutes when Gabriel puts on his 'dirty old man' mask and persona...

    ...History in the making.
  19. I love Genesis/Phil Collins' stuff.
    I vaguely remember he had a concert here in Melbourne but had to cancel it?

    Cliff is right, some of the best ads are those that have people talking about it.

    This one works and works well.

    Anyone remember this golden oldie that had everyone is an entire school reciting?

    2, 230, 230 brunswick street, 230 brunswick street, Fitzroy, remember, remember Eric, remember Eric Planinssek, remember Eric Planinssek's winter sale?
  20. Stop it Vic, you spammer.