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New but noisy OXTAR boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by blue_muppet, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Just got delivery of my new (purchased off ebay) oxtar boots today. They look great, are pretty much brand new safe a few tiny scuffs here and there and the fit is nice.

    I shelled out $365.00 (including postage) for these beauties which I think was a pretty decent price.

    Here is a link to them on bike biz.


    One problem I came across in the first 10 seconds of wearing them is that they are very noisy! They have a TCS Torsion Control System (flexible system of interlocking armour pieces on the side and back of the ankle) and when I take a step the armour slides about in its designed matter but makes a lot of noise in the process.

    Anything I can do about this? I intend on wearing them a fair bit to uni and around the place but I'd like it if I didn't sound like a airplane landing gear.

    Bit of WD40 or silicone spray? I was thinking maybe some of that graphite goo could also do the trick.
  2. I'd go with the silicone spray. :)
  3. :rofl: @ chairman gold once again sir!

    my new A* boots are similar.. they go click with every step due to armour plates on the ankle..... but Stookie already alerted me to this fact and what to do about it....graphite or silicone..... just haven't done it yet
  4. Yes thankyou chairman for you worldly insite on the matter :p :p

    Well i'll give which ever of the two (silcone or graphite) is cheaper and I'll let you know. Its a pretty annoying sound, not a issue when i'm on my bike but I will have to walk at some stage.

  5. Don't think WD-40 would be real flash on boots. Just a thought but they are advertised as "Race Boots" so maybe they arn't intended for long term wandering around?
  6. Don't worry about it...all you need now is your full leathers and you can walk around with your head held high and your squeaky boots a squeakin'.....! :)
  7. I have very similair oxtar boots. Here's a tip DON'T PUT LEATHER CONDITIONER on the plastic bits. Not a warning against longetivity but a warning against the mating call of a wild bore.
  8. Doggy wrote:

    Yeah valid point, they certainly arn't comfortable to walk around in and it's a funny walk at that. Still, I've been nicknamed sqeaky at work and now my house mates can hear me sneak past there windows in the wee hours of the morning which got me in trouble :grin:

    Something I’ve noticed after riding around in my boots for a few days is that I seem to have lost all the feeling from my rear brake and gearlever. Confused? Well I have been riding around in either sneakers or lace up desert boots since I got my bike. I also have a reconstructed left ankle which means I have to have the gear lever set very low otherwise I can’t change up.

    I’ve found that I’m hitting a lot of false neutrals and hitting the back brakes a bit too hard since riding in my new boots. Before I could feel the levers but now I can’t. Obviously I’m not going to revert back to my unprotected ways but should I go about adjusting my gear lever ect for my new boots and how do you cope with the lack of “feel”?

  9. I know da feeling. I spent a while wearing some well worn GP boots, then picked up a pair of Oxtar Infinity's. I had to re adjust both levers, and it took a while to get used to the reduced feeling. One I did, I found it easier to shift gears tho. Having the more ridgid sole, I found the action required was more precise.
    In short, maybe just need to get used to it.
  10. Little bit of silicon liquid where it squeaks and it will be quiter in a day once it works in.
    Lils boots squeak like hell and have done for a few years now they dont which is good.
    I have the same boots and the silicon sorted it no worries.
    We got given a little tube by the guys at Nova Honda in ringwood as I think they where getting annoyed by us squeaking around the store .

    Its all quiet now and i can wear my boots whilst out on NINJA STEALTH OPERATIONS at night.
  11. Squeeky boots are like loud pipes, except when you're walking.

    People know you're there.

    Think of the safety.
  12. Lol, i've been thinking about the rude stares I get from people as I waltz into a lecture late. I tell ya, I've gotta get some of that silicon stuff quick smart otherwise spitballs and paper airplanes will be heading my way (you'd think uni students would be over that by now right? :grin:)