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New Brissy rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dopey Devil, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Well just thought i would join up and say hi.. Im from Ipswich in brissy and am new to riding.. Ill be doing the 2 day Q-Ride at H.A.R.T this weekend and then ill be able to start the real learning.. I already have my bike its a 2014 Ninja 650L.. i loved the bike from the moment i saw it years ago and new i had to get 1.. Its been sitting out the front of my unit waiting to get ridden.. Was delivered with 4ks on it and ive only put another 3ks on..lol.. So hopefully if things go to plan i can get it out and start riding next week.. hopefully ill get to some meets and meet some new friends.. Will be a good change from the car scene ive been around for soo long.. Anyways Just wanted to say HI and hope to meet you all soon.. James AKA DopeyDevil
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Oh you'd be the devil we don't know. I guess that makes RRdevil better. At least at this stage.

    Welcome to the forummm
  3. Hi James, welcome to NR. Nice looking bike you have there. Good luck with QRide.
  4. Smart bike. I hope the QRide course and your riding development goes well. There's a lot to know and the learning just goes on. But the fun never gets old.
  5. Welcome mate like the green machine good luck with your test :]
  6. The 'real learning' will start at your course !! No matter how much you think you know you will learn more ...
  7. Welcome to NR..
  8. Hello and welcome! Very schmexy bike you have there :) hope your Q-ride goes well!
  9. Just thought i would update... I Passed my Qride today.. soo happy... was a bit terrifying doing the road ride tho.. was only on a 125 and we went on the motorway... maxed it out at 90ks.. lol.. there just not designed for someone my size..lol.. but now cant wait to get on my bike and start getting out... just gonna take it easy to start with before i do and mountain runs or anything.. just wanna get used to the bike and how it feels.. :)
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