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New Brisbanite

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Superunknown, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Hey guys

    I've been hanging around this site for a while and I suppose it's time to introduce myself. I'm an 18 year old uni student living in Brisbane. I'm into cars but ever since learning to drive I always toyed with the idea of a bike... I did Q-ride the other week and couldn't believe how much of a blast riding was compared to driving.

    So now I’m in the market for a cheap 250 and all the gear. Up here in QLD all the 250’s are absolute rip jobs (high km’s or old or both) so I’m leaning toward an old CB250, however I’m 6’4 and I can’t say I was totally comfortable on the Q-ride ones. But it’ll only be for a year or so…

    But yeah, looking forward to it all.
  2. Welcome to Netrider, and the wild and wonderful world of motorcycling :).
  3. hmm cb250's are so sllllllllllllllllooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww compared to other 250's

    sit on as many as you can.... see what you fit on.. I'm assuming you have a RE licence?
  4. Yeah, it's an RE licence. I have done a little looking around and found out that i do fit on a GSX (apparently one of the largest 250cc bikes) and i don't fit on the little CBR. Also i was looking at naked's because they are more robust. It just seems so pointless to spend $3000 - $4000 on a(n) (overpriced) 250 when i could spend as little as possible now and get a nicer more capable bike in one year.
  5. Another powerful argument for LAMS in the other states :(.
  6. G'day moit, welcome to NR.

    Whereabouts in Bris are you?

    Yeah, LAMS is the go, 250's are a bit overpriced due to everyone having to start on one,

    Thought about a road registered chook chaser instead of dedicated road bike? better leg room for your height, heap of fun around traffic.

    Just a thought.

  7. Thanks for the welcomes

    I'm in Kenmore hills on the west side. Sorta considered a trail bike as they are slightly cheaper but are they as safe and predictable on the road? They were designed for off road riding after all. Can they maintain 100km/h so I can cruise out of brissie? Is fitting road tires on a trail bike possible?
  8. iffracem, if you've had a car licence for three years in QLD you can get an unrestricted licence after one day course...

  9. Sorry Tanya, I have a full licence, it's Superunknown who needs the boik!

    SU.. I've been thinking of putting road tyres on a chook chaser, calling it a retard (as opposed to motard :p ) just for commuting.

    With decent tyres they should be OK, 100kph would probably be the limit, but but playing with sprockets will help. The CB250 would also struggle to maintain freeway speeds IMHO, but the things ar3e damn near bullet proof.

    It's all a compromise eh.. chook chasers are cheaper to buy, cheap as chips to run, but restricted top speed and wide bars that may restrict your filtering (if you do such an evil thing :-w ) but you don't pay exorbitant 250 prices for something that you probably wont want to keep after the restrictions are gone.

    As for road 250's, the across is OK for the taller person, sits on and above the legal limit easily, the "manbag" boot is great, but fuel capacity is small, mine used to carry my 100 kilo bulk around the hills of Tassie quite well. Hyosung's get good reviews, and are a decent sized bike, but dunno of the second hand price.
    GPX kwaka's are good, massive fuel range, decent size. I have heard the engine isn't as long lived as some others. But those I know that have them think they're the bees knees

    ZZR's and CBR's are more sporty, and more cramped for taller riders, there is others around like spada's, Zeal, balius, but I guess, like Tanya says, just get out there and road test a few.
  10. welcome to the brissy crowd su.....:grin:
    good luck with ur bike

    look forward to seein u round the joint - maybe one friday night at milton.

    the guys here are great to ride with.
  11. Iffracem, I knew it was the other guy who wanted the bike, I just thought you being from the weird state you mightn't have known :p
  12. welcome
    i have a cb250 and they are a great bike to start on
  13. Awesome guys. Thanks for the replies and opinions. I suppose I’ll have to go to some more dealers and sit on a few more bikes (whilst keeping my personal info away from them so they don't pester me like the last lot did!)
  14. Welcome su... you should join us at the Coffee Club at Milton on a Friday night and meet some of the QLD Netrider people.
  15. Well... I never!!!

    Weird state eh? at least they got water!!