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New Brisbane rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jaco, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I guess I came a little late to the party; though I rode dirt bikes as a kid, and enjoyed it very much, it somehow never really occurred to me that it was something I should or could do on the road. Cars, cars, fast cars, faster cars, karts, but no bikes.

    That changed a couple of years ago when I bought a 125cc scooter for commuting (to avoid using the thirsty V8 or pubic transport), and figured I might as well do the licence test on a manual bike. It ****ing ruled.

    Today, I took delivery of my first bike, an '02 F4i. It, also, ****ing rules.

    So, hello Netrider community! I've been lurking for a bit, and learned a lot. I reckon I'll learn a helluva lot more.
  2. welcome, northside or southside? :p
  3. Thanks!

    I'm on the northside, but only just.
  4. Howdyhowdyhowdy. :)
  5. G'day Jaco. Nice to have you along mate. F4is are nice old things. So you live on the north bank. I'm a runcorn boy myself.
  6. Yeah, don't hold it against me though!

    Really liking the F4i. I was expecting it to be smooth and predictable (a big part of why I chose it), but I'm still surprised at the extent of the smoothness and predictability.
  7. Welcome mate. Good to see another Brisbane-ite about the place.
  8. Welcome! Great to see another QLD'er on board. :D
  9. What are we doing tomorrow, folks? Anything? (Sunday 14/8/11).
  10. welcome and good to see a qlder,

    As per plans, a group are doing the cancer thing next week , but if you want a group ride, just put a think in qld section a month or so out.
  11. Hi Jaco, I started of on the scooter commuter bandwagon in Brisbane too, then discovered riding was fun. Now on a Triumph Srpint ST 1050 and my commuter is now a GS500F.

    I am on the Conquor Cancer ride next weekend that benjamin78au suggested, but doing a LONG ride this Wednesday with a learner rider if your keen.
  12. Were you at the mt glorious meet with roger a couple weeks back?

    EDIT: Also, welcome Jaco!
  13. @17SJS: Yeah I was at the glorius meet. I was on the GS500 cause some fukker stole my trumpy!! Was with the cripple on the dirt bike!!

    @Kneedragon: planning loosely, mt glorius, coominya, ma ma creek, warwick, queen mary falls -- still planning --> brisbane.
  14. TRA: That sounds sweet, but I'm working all day Wednesday. I'll keep an eye out though, would be keen for a leisurely punt around the great south east some weekend.
  15. Hi Guys after a lay off of some 20 odd years.Decided to Throw the leg over a bike again. An experience I will never regret.

    At the present time have a postie which is used to make a few bucks also a 1993 XJ600.

    The XJ600 is Like it's owner vintage so we make a great team.
    I plan to travel To Melbourne in March from Banora Point to see grand daughter Daughter and Son-law

    A sort of Bucket list thing.It is so good to back on a bike. Took a bit of courage after so long, at 68 I'M GUNA DO IT.
    Cheers Campbell