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New Brisbane biker

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by SimmyD, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I have just moved to Brisbane and half way though my QRide weekend. Just wanted to say hi :) Looks like i will be getting a 09 ninja 250r so look forward to seeing you guys around the traps.

  2. Hi Simmy

    Goodluck on the rest of your wknd.

  3. welcome bud :) where did u move from?
  4. Passed my Qride yesterday easy :) Getting my bike this week. Cant wait.

    I moved up here from Tassie lol

    *waits for tasmanian jokes* :p
  5. There are no Tasmanian jokes here. They've all had their accounts terminated :LOL:.

    Seriously, welcome to Netrider; much to learn and here is a good place to accelerate the process.
  6. You can tell the Tasmanians here - they're the ones who double post... :LOL:

    (OK mandatory Tasmanian joke is now over)

    Welcome to Netrider, You'll learn a lot (sometimes even about riding) - and some of it might even be useful. :p
  7. what a massive move, freeze to warmth, prob extra warm for you as your not used to it..
  8. keep an eye on the qld rides there should be one posted soon.
    Always handy to have a few more 250 cc on the rides.

    Other wise hollar out if you want to go for a spin on the weekend
  9. welcome.
  10. Hey just curious about ur q-ride course? I saw that you said it was easy im about to do mine soon (cant wait haha), so it is pretty easy to pass yer?
  11. Picked up my bike yesterday :) freaking awesome! Love it.

    no size problem at all which i was worried about. Was riding around cooparoo last night just for the hell of it.

    I picked the bike up from teammoto kawasaki (bowen hills) and drove it all the way to middle park down near ipswitch way haha hell of a first ride.

    The qride course was good. But i feel sometimes they may just pass people when they shouldnt. meh. They know what the are doing more than me so i cant really say much.

    Just learn as much as you can and make sure you turn your indicator off after your turn :p

    Will keep an eye out on the rides section as i am well keen for it.

  12. Welcome SimmyD !