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New Bridge on south coast resembles freeway.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by aperfectworld, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. Hi my name is Brent and this is my first entry on the site.

    I own a Honda V25 Custom and am lucky enough to live at Wombarra which is on the coast road between Sydney and Wollongong.

    The thing that most upsets me is the new bridge. Not only has the traffic increased by about 400% since it opened but the road that used to hug the steep cliffs and wind its way around the coast has now been replaced by a huge concrete slab that sticks out about 50 metres off the cliffs and now resembles a single lane freeway for its straightness. Now dont get me wrong, i ride a cruiser so i dont like taking corners at too high speeds.

    But i think the govt made the new road so straight so people can drive along at close to 30kms an hour and admire the view our great coastline has to offer. Give me the natural feeling of winding around those beautiful old cliffs any day. I guess we do just live in a concrete world when a couple of loose rocks falling in the rain can lead to hundreds of millions of $$$ being spent on an unnatural eyesore.
  2. Living in that area you would have to know the complete story and why that section of road was closed for quiet a few years till the engineers worked out how to go around that extremly unstable section of clifface, or kept it permanatly closed,making a once 5min drive for the locals into a 40 plus min drive to get there kids to school.

    Dont get me wrong I don't mind anyone bitching about road changes, but you could have at least explained WHY the new road was built for those that dont live in your area :p

    Not to mention there is alot longer and better sections of road to ride on all around that area.

    :) :p
  3. Dont get me wrong, there is no better road on this earth than the coast road from Thirroul to Sydney via the Royal National Park. I guess i just take it for granted that i live on the road so i tend to whinge about the changes. As far as structural soundness goes, the bridge was built as testing had shown that the old road around the cliffs was not the most stable, hence the need for improvement. I was surprised i could not find previous forums on the new Seacliff bridge and coast road changes, but maybe i didnt look hard enough.....

    I would welcome riders from all parts of the globe to come and enjoy what i take for granted. But if i were you i would wait until the traffic levels settle down a bit. Weekends are definately not fun.
  4. Hi aperfect world,
    I also live on LHD. Forget about going anywhere in your car on the weekend. Thirroul to Bald Hill at 30km/h, no thanks. I've only been across it once, I'm waiting for the traffic to die down, 3 months so far. It takes 5 min to get out of my driveway some mornings. WHINGE :mad: , WHINGE :mad: WHINGE :mad: , BLOODY TRAFFIC. Ahhh, that feels better. :)
  5. I live in Shellharbour and have wanted to go on it, but haven't had the chance.
    From all reports I think i'll steer clear for a while.
    There are plenty of other great roads around here to appreciate.
  6. Nights aren't to bad. Sat & sun lunch time, forget it. Weekdays middle of the day are alright but i'm always working then. But watch out for coppers they do laps from Beaches Pub at Thirroul up to Bald Hill all day long, esp weekends.
  7. I tryed the new road out on a weekday ,not a sole around till you get to the top then heap of riders and cages .i think they mostly comeing up from the south ,or the road that comes out at the tops.

    Its a shocker on a weekend ,i have a van on the beach at bulli ,took the road on a weekend going down there ,never again, if i can help it.

    I love it down there, im looking to buy at bulli or thirroul ,early next year,$400,000 for a townhouse ,WTF.
    How bad is austy on a weekend its like the gold coast ,you need to book a spot on the beach, it's that packed out.

    We will be doing a south ride soon ,we can meet you guys at the tops ,and head south from there.

    Cheers Sled.