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new brakes

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by russ, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Like their choice of protective gear for trying this one.
  2. New brakes? I dunno... It looks more like a front tyre blowout to me, right at the top of the stoppie.

    Whadda people reckon?
  3. I reckon toolish behaviour might be responsible Loz :LOL:
  4. Indeed, and a generous dollop of it. But go on - what do you reckon happened?
  5. that vid is posted on other sites and YES it's a tyre blow out.

    i would imagine the instant to tyre blows the grip is lost and the wheel locks, that's untill the weight of the bike drives the deflated tyre into the ground and the momentum of the bike carrys it over the top.

    and Martyh, slo-mo the vid, the white mark is on the road infront of the flip :wink:
  6. I think the 'white mark' is the visable blow out.

    If you step through the vid, the white puff disappears.
  7. I would have to agree Randy.
    It amazes me that they don't wear the right gear :?
    It amazes me more that you would try this stunt with suspect tyres. Tyres in good condition with correct pressures wouldn't blow out like that 8)

  8. Well i was just about to jump on the white reflector bandwagon... but after watching it a few more time's id say it does look like a blowout. But just the way the bike pops up into the air makes it look like a little like he hit something on the road.

    Actually, definitely not a cats eye on the road... if you watch the vid again; look for the line markings on the road whilst their coming towards the camera... nothing but lines.