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New brake pads very slippery

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by aldrich_87, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. So I've just replaced my brake pads. Problem is, it's very soft... I have to step on the brakes all the way down to get any braking action.

    Question is...

    Is this normal until the pads 'bed' in?

    or Did I push the cylinders in too much? If so.. how do I get the pads on without pushing the cylinders in?

    or Should I put more fluid?
  2. Might have got air in the line. Bleed it & see how that goes.
  3. It's aways good practice to bleed the lines when you do touch anything to do with brakes.

    It doesn't take much to get air in there, but just a tiny bit will make the brake lever soft and spongey and give you reduced braking ability

  4. umm... this is gonna sound really dumb. and stupid. and dumb. but how exactly would i 'bleed' the lines?
  5. Lots of guides around. Here's one. Bleeding.

    Best way is to get someone to help. Fairly easy job to do.

    DO NOT spill any fluid. Put rags around paintwork. Wash off with lotsa water if you do.
  6. macgyver way, or you going to spend some dosh for a bleeding kit?

    You could also try leaving the reservoir cover off(And suitably covered with a breathable material so dust doesn't get in), and leave it, though I'd rather do the bleed, and have it done with.
  7. thanks fellas. much appreciated =D
  8. bleeding worked like a charm btw =D
  9. Damn that didn't take long. Well done.
  10. Just had a quick look at that article...

    :-k well... its not a big shiney round disk thing.. but a big black enclosed drum shaped thing which happens to have the words "inboard ventilated disk" on the side
    Nice design honda (y)

    I still don't get why they did that, it has air vents to aid cooling, but wouldn't hanging it out in the open like all other disks cool it better? :-s