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New Boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. My old pair of Falco's are about 9 years old now (I know, amazing, isn't it?) and they probably have been at ther end of their life for a few of those, but I've kept wearing them because they are as comfortable as, well, a pair of old boots, I guess.

    I have a pair of A* touring boots that are excellent but they're quite a chore to put on and off and I wanted some "everyday" boots to replace the old faithful Falco's.

    So, while were were in Syderney on Saturday doing the market thing, we cruised by MCAS at Liverpool on the way home and I found these.


    Exactly what I was looking for and the only pair they had left was in my size...must be karma.

    AND, my gorgeous wife, who loves to haggle, got the guy to take $20 off the price as well. "I suppose I could give you a discount seeing you've brought your daughter with you," he said to me. ...how to win friends and influence people, eh?

    RRP is $199 and I got them for $179. I reckon you couldn't go wrong at that price, Italian made (not China or Indonesia or something), moulded heel protector, shock-absorbing wedge on heel bottom, Abs internal shin plate, and they look pretty "trick" too.

    I wore them yesterday arvo for the first time and they are comfortable; they don't feel really "stiff" like a lot of new boots do, and I hardly even noticed I was wearing them. And if I even get half of the wear out of this set that I got out of my last Falco's, I'll have done well.
  2. My fiancee has the same set and she's put them through quite a bit over the past couple of years - they barely show it at all. Very good boots! They look much better than my RJays faux spaceboots :p
  3. Oh, and I should have said the model #. They are called "Axis 331". Thanks for the good feedback; it's always nice to know that you made a good choice. :)
  4. Got the same ones. Very good .. comfortable even when you have to walk around quite a bit, good quality and mine are lasting very well. Nice buy there.
  5. same here.......... comfy boot. 3 years to date and no signs of giving up
    You can even walk around in them all day with no dramas and they dont look too outlandish under a pair of jeans or whatnot as opposed to some..........
  6. Falco -- wasnt that the guy that sang "rock me Amadeus" ?
  7. I had the same too. This was going back maybe 2yrs. Got them from helmet warehouse in yagoona in sydney.
    Think I haggled the previous manager shane into getting them for 150 plus helmet.
    They didn't last me long cos they were that comfortable I used them as walking shoes as well as riding.
    They were supposed to be water resistant also but I had leaks come in from around the seams of the shifting plate(the plastic part you use for shifting)
    I'd recommend them.