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New boots can't change gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AndR3w, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Bought new boots. Ankle length RST ones to replace the casual boots I was wearing.
    It's totally stuffed my gear change ability. Especially 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th.

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  2. Have you tried adjusting the lever height?
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  3. Unbolt lever, turn it one or two notches clockwise and screw it in again...repeat until fixed
    Once your confident its in place I suggest using locktight as those bolts do work loose
  4. Adjustment sometimes doesn't work, I have to do a cut and shut on my lever on old Husky 250 wearing Alpine Tech 7s, raising the lever high enough to upshift and it hit the crankcase.
  5. (y)(y)
    You can adjust that thing? Blimey.

    You learn something new everyday
  6. Adjusting the position of the bars and levers as well as foot controls, setting the suspension sag and clickers is all doable to make the bike fit you. Even changing the seat shape. Nothing pisses me off more than people saying your body will adapt to poorly setup ergonomics handling and suspension.Who doesn't adjust the seat in a car. Its way more important on a bike as its your body that controls just about everything the bike does.Plus its all part of the fun getting the best from your machine, and learning how changes effect its performance
  7. .fortunately 1-2nd and 4-5th is working huh?

    gearchange is on the left.
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  8. time for some New new boots
  9. May also just need to wait until boots wear in a bit and get more flexible.
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  10. New boots are weird when you are new to riding. I had the same issue and didn't think I was ever going to be able to ride in them. Now if feels weird riding in anything less on the days when I do the short 'nudie run' from one office to another in my work shoes. Looks classy if it wasn't for the "wtf gear did I just select?" dance.
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  11. Every time you change something it feels different. It sometimes takes a little while to get used to the change.
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  12. Just keep at it. As long as your foot fits comfortably under/over the shift lever, it's fine, you'll get used to the new boots quickly.
    I had a similar experience going from SMX-3 (half size) to SMX-6 (full size). Gear changing was off for a few days. Got used to it now, so I'm just my usual level of incompetence when it comes to gear changes ;)
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  13. Wear the shoes around the house for a few hours or as much as you can while doing house stuff and in a few days, they should break in.
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  14. Mowed the lawn in mine. Helps soften them up a bit.
  15. Thanks, pal, I didn't check, just posted it up.....
  16. I bought new boots last week, had trouble shifting as the boots were stiff and I was not letting the gear lever return to normal position after changing up. It was the stiffness at the back of the boot that was making it hard to point my foot down. I just wore them around the house and kept flexing the foot down pointing my toes to loosen them up.
  17. Stay in first gear around the house though, there might be kittens.
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