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New boots, and oh-oh

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. New helmet last week, this week, new boots.

    The budget is important, but so is the fact that my 3 year old boots were never water-proof, and that was an important consideration this time around.

    I got a pair of RJays H20s


    The zip goes right down to below the instep so I don't have to wrestle to get them on. Once on they are roomy and comfortable. But.....

    At the toe section, they are also significantly "higher", from the bottom of the sole to the top of the boot, than my old boots, and on first ride I couldn't get to the shift pedal properly. So I've done some surgery, to both :).

    I've trimmed back the rubber cleats in the soles under the instep, so the heel grips the footpeg more definitely, and also slighly lowers the position of my foot on the peg.

    And I've adjusted the shift pedal outwards and more upwards.

    I'll let you know how it all goes, but I thiught $150 for a waterproof boot with what looks like good protection, was good value.
  2. Been a good cpl of weeks then mate :)
    Do You use Dubbin's on your boots? I always give my Rossi's a good rub weekly in winter.
  3. Well, Vinnie, being an old Army man, and having just ridden up to the Pie Shop and back in them (and the rest of my gear too, of course :oops:), I took them out the back and gave them their first good polish. But I AM interested in feedback on care and feeding. The last pair had the top layer of leather 'peel off', so to speak :(.
  4. I haven't been 'around' long enough to give guys that have been riding for an eternity any advice, other than regular doses of dubbin seems to keep my boots waterproof and soft.
    PS: RJays have a lot of decent stuff .. I own quite a few of their products.
  5. I have a pair of RJays boots and I find them great. Have been drenched on the outside and dry as a bone on the inside. Ditto with my RJays trousers, lots of padding and waterproof.
  6. Leather will do that eventually. The tanning process that allows the relatively shiny surface layer to develop also makes that layer harder and less forgiving than the rest of the leather underneath, so the harder top layer eventually starts to seperate from teh main body of teh leather.
    No product will stop this, applying polishes and rejuvinators just keeps teh top layer more supple for longer, and delays teh problem(which is why you should use thes products).

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Now I can see the picture of your boots they are the same as mine. Very comfy boots.
  8. why cant companies make boots that dont look like gumboots...
  9. Is this more to your liking??? :roll:

  10. Cos there boots with a purpose I mean you could wear these:


    But I would find it difficult to ride in, among other things
  11. I must admit, I bought these, 'Falco Axis' boots because I wanted something a little better looking than a gumboot as well...............
    Faaaaarrk they are so bloody comfortable its not funny :grin:
  12. just bought these off e-bay :!:
  13. What did you pay off eBay? I got mine brand new for $149.95 from a local dealer and if I have a problem I can take them back and talk to him......
  14. with postage $75 they look in good nik in the photo just hope they fit :roll:
    guy selling them wears the same size as me in a workboot , just hope they r ok :?:
    should b here this week will let u know if they r ok.
  15. Mine are very comfortable, I've had about three rides with them, and they are bedding in nicely. I'm always leery of buying clothes etc on-line because there's so much variation in sizing :(.
  16. they just turned up and you r so right about buying things like i just did they r just like new but they don't FIT :evil:
    i am so pssd off i s'pose people will say anything if they think you r going to buy it, no way he could wear the same size as me, i should have gone to a bike shop and tried a pair on first for size just thought i could save some $ will never do that again :!: :!:
  17. I went to PSM & tried on the Alpinestars SMX Plus boots. They sell 'em for $470. Theres a shop on ebay.com which advertise them for $US279 + $US50 postage & handling. I've contacted them via email & they said they can drop the price to $US230. Therefore, I can have 'em on my doorstep for $AU300. I've tried the boots on a couple of times & they're very comfy. I asked PSM what's their best price, as I bought a new bike from them. They said $470 less 10%! I thought that was a complete joke. For someone thats paid cash for their new bike, I would expect a better discount.
  18. And, of course, when the company goes belly-up because it has been selling stuff at too low a margin, you'll lambast them for not being there to help you, I guess..??