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New BMW Riding Gear Catologues

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by taiheung, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Hey fellas,

    Just a heads up it looks like BMW has released their new season of gear. It can be seen at:


    The gear is getting better and better in my opinion and it looks like BMW have really put effort into it this time around, with new jackets, a much much larger range of casual clothing apparel and accessories, and even new helmets! (probably other stuff I just haven't looked at it all yet).

    Obviously I don't work for the company, but I'm spruiking it a bit because I'm really impressed with BMW's effort in driving this where many other makers are not. They have more gear options than many dedicated clothing makers, and I've never heard of anyone have to question the quality of their protective clothing either.

    If anyone has seen some of this gear it'd be great to get reviews - I like the look of the new Sport helmets (esp. the CF one *drool*) and the sports jacket (minus the BMW emblem).

  2. All you need is a portable bank to be attached to your backpack so that you can afford these items.
    Lovely items but faaaarkn expensive.
  3. Mmm yum. The gear looked OK as well
  4. We went to ask about the Carbon Fibre one as it only weighs something like 800 grams?? but they arent getting it in Australia, only available in Europe. Costs something like $2000. Thats what we told at BMW Southbank anyway about 3 months ao, maybe has changed by now.
  5. I bought a pair of the BMW blue jeans from the US. They weren't cheap but in terms of quality, comfort and look they are fantastic.

    They have a lot flexibility in sizing as the belt is built into them and the armour is mouldable so it covers the right spots. They also have armour on the lower hips which is a bonus. Far more integrated than draggins.

    Haven't had a slide in them so can't comment on the most important aspect of safety.
  6. Yeah. Great. Read the fine print. The only helmets available in Australia are the System 5 and the Enduro. Worse than last year. I been waiting for the new catalogue and it is a big disappointment.
  7. I've been told it just isn't feasible to do the whole ADR thing apparently. I have no idea how much money it actually costs to get approval but I'm surprised it is that much that they're deterred from shooting for it. The person who helped me (most informed salesman I've ever spoken to) said that she was pretty p*ssed off about it too as she was hanging out for the new range.

    BMW are however introducing the motocross style helmet into Australia which is to replace the Sport Integral helmet!! I know, crazy!! It looks freaking awesome but for sports bike riders it's kinda retarded. I guess they know what their market is in Australia and until they release the HP2 Sport and S1000RR there's no point on sports bike helmets. Makes sense.