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New Blood

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by KrazyKawa, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Hi yeah all, been reading most of the topics in the forms for the last week and finally decided to join in since I'm jetting my L's in 2 weeks times :D :D can't wait!!. Anyways I was just seeking advise about getting a Kawa ZX-2R as a first bike and wanted to Know if the insurance for it is high or not since most of them are grey imported " I'm mostly intersted in the models".

    I was also wondering if the ZZ-R250 is a good bike to start of with for someone whos mostly intersted in getting a supersports bike after my first year. I know it gets pretty good reveiws in forms but wanted to know if it would give me the same experience in learning how to ride a sports bike as it's brother the ZX-2R will? Hope all you mad bikers out there will take your time and holla at me if u get the chance :wink:

    By the way u's can call me Dave and i'm a melbourne boy
  2. Hi Dave and welcome to our fabulous, free-wheeling, fast and frantic forum; stay around and have fun. I'll leave it to the people closer to where you live and your start-up situation to answer the main questions; listen up, they're experts :D
  3. Hi Dave , welcome . ZZR 250 is a good solid bike , but out of the 2 i'd go the ZX2R .
  4. Hi Dave,

    i have had my zzr250 for 3 weeks now... i got it as my first bike mainly because I wanted to ease into riding (had my l's 4 weeks). I find it a little more comfortable seat as it is a little bit more upright. but my next bike will be more supersports......