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New bloke with Ducati 500 sl project

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by taffdog, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hi chaps, I am new to your forum .... I have just picked up this years winter project ducati 500sl in a few bits.!!! the plan is to build a flat-tracker / street bike, but first i need to run up the motor after having cleaned out the carbs ( it hasnt been run for a few years ) and putting new jets in one of them .....can anyone tell me how many turns out the mixture screw needs to be.??? and how much oil do i put in with a new filter.???.................I normaly re build older brits and jap chops but I like the sound of a duke and this was the right price........(. they come cheeper in a box )............


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  2. I can't answer the technical questions but that exhaust has me fascinated; do you know the bike's history?
  3. with hornet, i cant help with the techno mumble jumble, but im trying to learn!

    anyway, welcome to NR!
  4. OK don't know the Pantah specifically, but a general rule with mixture screws is between 1 and 4 turns out. Start with 2 turns out and set it up from there.

    As for oil, has it no sight glass or dip stick? If it does, just get it near the top of the sight glass with a new filter and it will drop off after the first start.

    Might need to top up frequently (sorry. couldn't help myself).
  5. Do a search on Pantah,there has been a few threads lately.Check out The Pantah Heads email list,it good value.Mix is 2 and a bit,expect the idle circuit to be gummed up solid,Ultra Sonic cleaning is the best option,where in OZ are you.The exhaust does not look like a Ginaneli,looks good though.There is a sight glass on mine for the oil,assess to fill is a pain via the clutch,dead slow to fill it.Gowalocks have an owners manual reprint.
    Keep us updated on progress.
  6. Hi ,chaps
    Not in OZ, but in the good old U.K. Colchester essex
    yes have done deep clean on carbs yes it has a sight window but have droped oil and changed filter ( 2cv ones fit ) and got realy cheep tesco oil ( £12 -4ltr ) just to run her up ,new plugs and have a battery on charge ready for a try at starting it at weekend, dont know what the exhaust is but came with home made s/s end can ,the bike was owned by a freind 15 years ago then got sold - sat in a shed for a long while then sat in another shed then got part ex'd for an xup-- sat in shed again for a long time again , rear carb was gunked up good and proper -so much so I had to get new starter jet and new float jet as its little rubber end had disinergrated ..tip....guitar string 'E' (the thin one at the bottom ) is good for pokeing in jets as its thinner than the jet hole .the plan is to see if she still runs with no nasty noise if good cary on with project flattrack if bad E-BAY in bits also came with original fairing/ tank and seat base and a big bonus - 750 sport tank as at some stage was going to be a retro cafe racer ,if good thinking of selling fairing -seat base and sport sport tank to fund the rest of the build......
  7. Hi and welcome to NR

    It's a duck. What makes you think it will start :LOL:
  8. As many turns that will make a STOIC 14.7:1 ratio............(y)

    Welcome to NR
  9. stoic.??????????
  10. I know you have an older machine here which will be carby tuned, not EFI and ECU - however the principal is the same.

    See this for information on STOIC AFR mixtures etc.