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New bloke from England

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RoadTrip, Jul 30, 2015.

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    'Morning all - I'm Keith and I'm based near London, England. I have joined your forum because I am looking forward to coming back to ride in Australia, and Netrider definitely looks to be the place to get back in touch with Aussie bikers. I have been around bikes for nearly 30 years - until recently, mainly Harleys - I still ride and work on my '96 FXD Superglide that I bought new from Frasers in Sydney and brought back to Blighty after touring Australia and NZ for the best part of a year. Happy days. Since then I have rebuilt a 1980 FXWG from ground up, which taught me a lot , but I could not have done it without the collective wisdom and support of the shovelhead.us on-line community. More recently, last November, I bought a 2009 XR1200 - which I am really starting to like, big time - quite different to a 'traditional' Sportster - much quicker, pointy into corners and very lively - and a real head turner, I have discovered - maybe because it's bright orange ;-).
    Aside from my own three bikes, my brother and I recently started a motorcycle rental business in UK - RoadTrip - and so I have really gotten into riding more modern and technically advanced machines - we seem to be at a very interesting time in motorcycle development - with manufacturers here in Europe and in Japan, perhaps nearing the high-water mark of power and performance and gadgetry in petrol driven machines. Whilst across the Atlantic, I wonder about Harleys today - so big and so hot - forever competing against the US emissions laws - I recently borrowed a big FL - over 100ci - it felt like riding a well tuned elephant. HD people here, who are well connected to the MoCo say that we will see the end of air cooled Harleys 'within the decade' by 2020?, dunno.
    I hope that I can contribute to the bike discussions here from time to time - I love reading the stories and I still love Harleys and touring in Europe - and now that I spend a lot of time around Ducati, Triumph, BMs and Yamaha bikes, riders and dealers, perhaps my riding and mech. experience is a bit less narrow than it was!
    Ride safe and be lucky. K.

  2. Welcome Keith, thanks for coming and enjoy the forums!
  3. Welcome mate...
  4. Welcome to the forums...
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. G'day and welcome, KeithKeith.That's some dedication having your Super Glide shipped back to the UK although it is quite understandable that you'd be fairly attached to it after nearly a year's touring!

    All the best with your planned trip to Australia; no doubt there'll be some of us who'll be available to head out with you for a ride when you're back in the Antipodes.