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New Bloke from Canberra :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by atoretto, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Hi all Been around for a bit but finally joined up!!

    I have been riding for a few years. Raced PCRA on my gsxr 1100 ( Wawrick Nowlands old bike from FX ) and my 2010 cbr 1000rr but now am just back road riding after 2 years due to a big crash at WP.

    So i currently own a 2013 S1000rr Red and White and LOVE IT :)

    Anyways Hope to catch up for a ride some time :)

    Adam :)
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    Maaaate, you're here, good sh*t.

    Remember to bring up those vids of you at the track this weekend.

    Edit: Btw, upload some pics of your bikes.
  3. Welcome, my daughter is off to Canberra next week on a school excursion, I'll tell her to keep an eye out for a red and white flash :)
  4. Hi Atoretto, welcome to the forum. I'm in Canberra too and on the Canberra Riders forum.
  5. From one Canberra rider to another, gday and welcome. :D