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New Bling for Blue !!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Blue14, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Found this plate online for sale, couldnt resist temptation.. :grin:

    New Bling Here
  2. Ha very nice. I love personalised plates, by far the best mod you can do i reckon!
  3. very cool :cool: .

    Just wish they did the for NSW bikes :(
  4. Hey mate how are ya.. Can ya PM yet ?? Hey i also got one for the c50.. KREWZ :grin:
  5. Very nice plates Paul! Are you gonna bling the scoots too? :grin:
  6. Nice, I am just about to select some personalised plates for the FJR.
    We know you are the guru with plate selection Paul, and the recommendation for my last set from you is up for sale XXBRD.
  7. Still thinking mate. You have given me a bit of a task on this one.. :?
  8. Sure you can; MY-599 on the Hornet :)
  9. Well luckily for me i didnt pay that much. The owner of the business is a rider himself and a real top bloke.
  10. Glad you didn't pay that much, my new plates are on the way and this time they are not bike specific.
  11. I have been having big computer problems ,but hopfully its all fixed .
    Not sure if I told you I drill 8 holes in each pipe sounds alot better and NO back fire or speed loss.
    Mrchicken also has the M50 and hes just ordered the staintube pipes ,so it will be good to hear them live over the different sound clips on the net.
    I like the half pipes that are bend and turned down ,but the $$$$ is the problem ,LOL.

    And no I still can't PM :? I will try to set up msn and chat.
    To all the other people that sent me xmas wishs ect on the PM .
    Same to you and ride safe :LOL: