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New bling bike and the wet - what would you do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by adinfinitum, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Finaly cleared the funds and can pick up my new Z1000. Problem is, it's supposed to be raining all week, then turns dry just as I go back to work. I'm not a stranger to riding in the rain, just bummed that my first ride on my first big bike will be in such conditions. :cry:

    Would you just pick it up now and suck it up - so to speak. Or be a pussy and wait another 10 days till I'm back off work and the weather's more favourable. [-o<
  2. Stop ya sookin'. Put yer rattle down and go get that bike.
  3. Depends if you have a garage.

    If you do, go pick it up so you can get drunk and stand around it admiringly for 10 days.

    If not, don't bother - its cold on the street.
  4. Borrow/rent a ute and pick it up with that. :grin: Would hate to see ya post that you put it down due to a wet road.
  5. Who cares if it gets dirty?

    What; don't you have a bucket n sponge? :LOL:

    Wuss. 8-[
  6. I couldn't wait to go and pick it up, I think I'd be at the shop even if it was snowing :LOL:
  7. Too true. Only prob would be the waxy tyres. I'm riding to work tomorrow with only 40km on the clock so hope it's dry! Bad luck if it is, I'm still riding!!
  8. My first time on a big bike was in the rain. I'm telling you, i had so much fun.

    Sure half the time the rear was spinning up and i was sliding all over the place but fun none the less.
  9. You're just a fuggin mad bastard Cleverlie :LOL:
  10. I'd ride it!! Wouldnt care what the weather is dishing out. .. :cool:
  11. Mate do you honestly think you could hang out another 10 days?!? If so youve got more control than me!!

    Thursday & Friday are looking ok though. Wednesday is only possible showers. Suck it and see mate. Cross your fingers! :wink:
  12. It's gotta get wet some day! I know what you mean, I'm a little annoyed if it's even a 2nd bike that is well looked after and the first ride home is wet.

    Get it home, then clean & polish if you have a garage.
  13. You're all correct, I don't have control and I've already waited 2 weeks. I can't wait and somewhere deep inside I always knew this to be the case. Probably pick up Wed.

    Just wanted to see if anyone out there might urge a more cautious wisdom. :p
  14. how many times have you binned a bike in the wet? every time i have stacked has been in the wet , so i think now i am super cautious. ride her home and watch out for the oil!! :cool:
  15. You're a wilder man than me, this is my very concern. :eek:hno: brand new and dropped on the first day.
  16. Thats the worst thing that you could do. :oops:

    First bike I bought I got them to ride it to my place. :LOL:

    Is that an option?
  17. They would deliver it for free no problem. Issue is that I don't live in suburbia. My back roads here are narrow, tight and broken - no gutters and lots of debris. The best road I can take my first ride is straight up the highway so no benefit.

    Besides, something to be said for riding straight off the showroom floor. :biker:
  18. mate,
    ride it. fugg the rain.
    just take it easy, you can borrow my Captain Safety Hat, and you'll be fine :)
  19. Listen to Loz.
    You needn't read any further.
  20. I know which day I'm picking my bike up and I assure you it's NOT weather dependent! However, if it was hailing or snowing when I arrived, I might having a coffee before taking her out into the weather. If you can, get there with a half hour to spare so you can wait for the hail or whatever to ease/melt. And if you're REALLY not confident, maybe you should trust yourself. But seriously, you've ridden plenty in the rain before, on the same roads you'll be travelling.