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New Black Ninja 300

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Danielt, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. IMAG0611.
    Hey everyone,
    Picked up my brand new ninja 300 from SCM on Saturday!!!
    The thing is a blast, last bike was a ninja 250 but have been bikeless for a year, still a year on green p's
    Fuel injection is amazing, still in break in so I can't speak as to power.
    Im really looking forward to being able to hit the redline and getting back into riding again!!!!!

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  2. Nice nice nice
    Be interesting to see how different they are
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  3. Indeed, given the popularity of both a back-to-back comparison would be most useful...
  4. Once I've had more of a go I'll update this thread with my opinion. Thus far I can safely say it fits my 6"1" frame much better. Its definately much more attractive. Losing the carby makes a big difference at startup. The damn break in period is killing me though, more than half of the tach looks sad and neglected :(
  5. GREAT! nice choice of a bike
  6. Well, you just have to get out on the road more and put those k's under your belt.
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  7. Will do! (y)
  8. Hey that pic was taken just down the road from my place. Maybe I'll see you around sometime.

    Let us know what the 300 is like compared to the 250 after you've had some fun on it.
  9. Haha, just got over that period now myself, but it's been too freeking hot to get out on the road lately!!

    Nice choice there, enjoy!
  10. Nice bike m8. Keep that odo spin'in. Great weather for it.
  11. I've been reading around the world wide web that there has been issues with the 300 stalling when the clutch is pulled in, and that it is a known issue (by Kawasaki). Can you let us know if you have any dramas like that with your bike?
  12. Hmmm,I can safely say I've experienced nothing like that. Been working like a dream thus far. Racked up a few hundred more kilometres during the week. A mix of heavy sydney commuting and just some fun riding near where I live.

    But no stalling dramas, no issues with the clutch. If any problems pop up I'll share them here. Planning to do a RNP run soon with a mate which should be a good experience.
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  13. isn't it the back door of sydney city motorcycles?
  14. Yep sure is, that photos me swinging the leg over the ninja for the first time!
  15. So it's been a while since I updated this thread.

    I've now ridden a few thousand K's on the ninja and had it serviced.

    I find it to be a far better bike than the old 250. Throttle response is better, more power across the board, the dash is much improved. Even feels more agile and surefooted.

    It also looks much better!

    In short I'm having a great time on it, I've been using it as pretty much my only form of transport as the fiance has been using the car so i've ridden during thunderstorms, in high 30 degree heat etc.

    The only thing I dont trust 100% is the cheapish stock tyres. It will be nice to slap some stickier rubber on.

    Next step is going to be some professional rider training, any advice on a good class for someone looking to correct bad habits and improve my street technique? :)
  16. Look into some training at HART st ives ..ring em up, let em know where you think you stand in the way of experience on the road and bike and they can point you in the right direction.

    If you havent gone and if you get get a chance try to get to the learner session in homebush. Even if you have your P's, the after ride is awesome :)
  17. Hmm hart looks pretty good. And the learner rides are easy to get to. I live round the corner in wentworth point
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