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New Birdy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. I am soooooooooooooo impulsive!!!!

    I have felt left out since Karl got his bird and I am surrounded by bird droppings everywhere, so I thought if I cannot beat 'em......................

    For the past week I have scoured all sales areas for a decent bird and with my 50th birthday approaching, I though "fcuk it, get a new one"

    So this morning I casually strolled into Sydney City Motorcycles at Lane Cove and said to Andrew there (he sold me my Hornet9) " see that black blackbird over there.....she's mine" and put down a deposit. :bannanabutt: :bannanabutt:

    tried to haggle a little but I knew there was no movement on the pricing and I couldn't be stuffed around looking at interstate anymore........................ so stuff it. I am keeping the hornet as my everyday commuting ride (she does that soooo well) and the bird will fly weekends and tours.

    Pick her up on Wednesday and I'll be doing an oil and filter change probably that night.

    So this hornet has now joined the flock of birds as well (do hornets change to birds like moths to butterflies?? ) :rofl: :rofl:

    I have found a guy in sutherland with raised bars and panniers and he is a honda mechanic and will set up the suspension (shim or another coil with adjusters or sumfin) and do a little mod to the front to make her steer like the bomb (so he says)

    I'll deal with the shit from the missus after delivery............I always buy bikes this way :rofl:

    Jeff (the moth)
  2. :shock:
    you've really moved on from the cruiser!
  3. Congrats Jeff, we all have to get together soon, thats Dan Chee, Tweet, Steve, Browny, me and now you!
  4. congrats

    time to pray for forgiveness from the boss

    [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o<
  5. Congrats Jeff !!!!!

    :shock: :shock:
  6. all that hard earned cash just thrown away,some people never learn :p :LOL: congrats ,so i take it the back of the bus isn't good enough any more :LOL:
  7. Great stuff mate.. Welcome to the hypersports bike club.. :twisted:
  8. yep cruiser days are gone (until my bones won't take it anymore!!) :cool:

    Nah I am the boss around here,.............. and when I finish the dishes and vacuming the house, I might just go for a ride (with her permission) :bolt:

    back of the bus is still ok on the learner runs...............on other runs not so!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Thanks mate...............I have been surrounded by those bloody birds :-w
  9. Hey Jeff what a coincidence I just bought a ZX14.

    I will go and see you on wednesday.

    Will :twisted:
  10. And may i welcome you to the hypersports bike club as well ... :twisted:
  11. Bullsh!t!!!!!

    You whaaat!!!

    EVERY time I buy a bike you do the same :LOL: :LOL:

  12. Hhehehehe. :oops:

    I was just joking. The thing is that up until now Jeff and I have bought bikes almost at the same time without knowing.

    But this time is only you Jeff, enjoy the bird.

  13. Blackbird.... Yyyyyyeah nah.

    Enjoy though!
  14. Jeff,

    and you didn't even ask for my permission :LOL: :LOL: colour please? Whats with the oil change?

    CONGRATULATIONS.....Now we might let you in to our secret society..just gotta pass the strict initiation ceremony...warning it does involve furry animals, nutella and roaring camp fire (in the bush no-one can hear you scream)!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Well done again :grin:
    Edit: oops see that it is a black one :roll:

  15. Hey Jeff, posted this on another forum just for you.

    One day a man named Jeff,
    who rode a hornet and was going deaf.
    He decided that he'd had enuff,
    cause everyone said that he wasn't tuff.
    So this man went down to the shop,
    and in an instant his brain went pop!
    There it was shiny and new,
    so out came his wallet and the money flew!
    When he left there was a glint in his eye,
    cause he'd seen the light and now he would fly.

    He was now a member of the crew,
    and between his legs his member grew.
    He had joined the elite and now he would soar,
    and all the bird owners gave out an almighty roar!!
    Jeff had made it and so he was happy,
    as he rode down the freeway so fast, so zappy.
    The winds may howl and the rains may fall,
    but Jeff will keep on riding 'cause despite it all,

    He is now 'Cavalier De Merle' with larger balls!!

  16. congrats jeff!
    looking forward to seeing her.
  17. You don't trust the factory oil???
  18. na i think he means he will smash out 1000kms inthe first day of owning it :LOL:
  19. Nah, it's not the ol that is the problem, it is the new engine and gears and clutch than spin out so much crap in those first 100k's.

    I did this to my hornet 9 (six months ago) when it was new and was shocked at the crappola that came out :shock:

    Nah I mean 100k's :LOL: :LOL:
    and steve this poetry just shows who really is gay :rofl:
  20. birdflu epidemic