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new bird on the putty!!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Had a ride to break in the new bird on Saturday with Karl, Steve2909, Darwin, Kim and Escapebabe from Berowra to Hornsby via Kulnura, Wollombi, Broke, Putty and Galston Gorge.

    Great weather for a ride with the sun finally out and little wind or traffic, but.................Wow.....how cold it was on Saturday morning!!

    Started at 7 at Mobil Berowra dressed as though it was snowing (where are those heated grips??)

    Through old Pac on a 100km old engine was interesting and at that time of the day it is pretty deserted. The reason is, as we found out, was that a number of bends you guess your way around because of the sun blinding you at inopportune times.

    Still the bird was humming along and I was conscious of varying the revs and going up and down through the gears etc.

    Bypassed Road Warriors in favour of great coffee and breakfast at Jerry’s at Kulnura which was real welcome as we needed to thaw out. Dee (escapebabe) only had summer gloves and looked as though she had developed Alzheimer’s. I got cold just watching her.

    Off for some spirited rides through to a quick stop at Wollombi (I disrobed here of all the winters) and onto a fuel stop at Broke.

    I wasn’t going to refuel here as I had only lost one bar on the fuel gauge, but Steve and Karl insisted and they did know what they are talking about as the gauge will just disappear before your eyes after you lose one bar!!

    The Bird got its dirt road virginity broken along these stretches and I hope she does not have to do that to often……think of her family!!

    Off to give her a christening on the Putty 10 mile and she purred along through the bends. I still have to unlock her secrets, but we stopped at the end of ten mile and decided to go back for a couple of laps where she started to expose herself to me a bit more.

    Still conscious of varying her revs and nothing better than spirited twisties of the Putty to get a full range going (never to low or too high)

    Had a stop at Halfway and onto Colo Heights with some higher speed sweepers. I had to let the boys go ahead as I did not want to take her to high speed constant revs. I briefly took her to $2.10 (at which point Darwin on his kwaka13 roared past me as thouh I was in reversese...WTF!!) and then alternated between $1.50 and $1.20.

    From there we sort of cruised back and had a ferry ride across the river and then through the switchbacks of Galston Gorge. I did have a little trouble with the inside 5 kmh bends on Galston, but that is just me I suppose still unlocking the birds idiosyncrasies. Didn’t even come close to dropping her etc, but just didn’t feel 100% on these REALLY tight turns…………it’ll come I am sure, it’s just I am used to the Hornet9 turning on a dime.

    Got home and had 610k’s on the clock and in line with my philosophy of fresh oil and filters and lots of it when the engines are new, a change was in order along with a clean.

    Had a great day with great roads, awesome conditions, and top company and had plenty of laughs and I am learning the bird’s capabilities (and limitations)



  2. As I've said before Jeff...you're gonna love her once you get over the Hornet..... not long now :grin:
  3. Hi Jeff,

    I was out that way on saturday too, pity we didn't see one another. Yea the bird is special, isn't she?

    Just wait till you fit a 6mm spacer above the rear shock - this is a MUST DO - you won't believe the difference it will make.

  4. Hey Captain we did see a group with a couple of birds amongst them...only fleeting sightings though. See you tonight at Randwick I guess? :)
  5. Good writeup :)

    Looks freakn awesome in the flesh!
  6. Nah, never..........the hornet can do things the bird has no chance of and vice versa.

    After riding the bird all weekend, the H9 feels like a postie on steroids :LOL: :LOL: