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New Bimota

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by djt77, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I thought I'd introduce myself and my new bike.

    I based over in Perth and recently received my new ride from Alan at FX Powersports. I thought this thread might prove useful to anyone who is looking at purchasing a bimota so they know what they are getting themselves into.
    Right I thought I might keep this thread updating by letting people know how I'm getting on with the bike. So here goes.

    First off the dealership experience, having bought the bike from FX Powersports over east, I can only praise the customer service I got from them. Now I know this is what you would expect when spending an obscene amount of money on a bike, but they did everything I asked of them, and I asked a lot for my money. They even managed to arrange for my parents to get show around the factory when they visited Rimini and they had a great time (Dad can't believe I ride the thing he wanted to put it in this living room back in the UK).

    Now FX don't have a shop over here so they use the Scooter Shop in North Perth for the hand over, they were great as well with the hand over Shane and Frank are both real enthusiasts and they kept me up to date with delivery dates.

    OK, onto the bike, mmmm firstly unless you sit on this thing you won't believe how light it feels, just moving it about it feels lighter than my old race ZX6R and that had no road gear on it at all. I want to get it on the scales to see what the real weight of it is so if anyone know where can do this let me know. The run in period is 1,000km not to go above 6k. That lasted about 120km before gave it a few runs up to 8k to make sure it worked but so far I've been very good and kept it around the 6k mark, it cruises easily around 110 +/- kph in 6th so will kept to the handbook schedule as much as I can.

    I currently trying to arrange to get the bike professionally detailed, (first day of riding was in the rain, and a little rain was never going to keep me off it) and get some protection of some kind on the fairings to protect from stone chips. I've got a guy coming over from east who details some high end cars over here and have asked him to give the bike the once over.

    Bike currently has around 450km on the clock and feels like it's starting to loosen up nicely, I can't wait until it's properly run in. If anyone see me out on it feel free to wave and stop me for a chat.

    Will upload some pictures soon as I can.

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  2. Hello Dj, and welcome. Nice to have you along.

    You know how to make an entrance, I'll give you that! Most people are like "Should I buy the VTR250 or the CBR250?" You rock up and like "Hi - Do you like my Desmocedici?"

    LOL. Looking forward to the pictures. Not many people get me thinking I only own a ZX14.
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  3. So...which model did you buy?
  4. I bought a DB7 Oronero, it's similar to the DB8 but has the 1098 ducati engine not the 1198 and has a carbon frame and swingarm, along with few other little goodies not on the standard models.
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  5. Obligatory =P~ Very nice
  6. ahhh you must be the guy they mentioned in AMCN a short while back.

    Amazing bike mate im sure its as good as i imagine it is.
  7. Very very nice....

    Just out of curiosity - ball park price?

    Enjoy it, cheers Jeremy
  8. Beautiful bike, but aren't they like $80,000 +/- ? Very unique either way, enjoy it:beer:
  9. Looks Cool. (y)

    Enjoy the ride.
  10. Welcome to NR and congrats on the bike, cant wait to see pics!!
  11. Redbook puts the price at $85000. Wow, I wish I was in a position to spend that much on bikes at once.
    Congrats on the insanely awesome bike, it is fair to say you will not run into another one at your local, thats for sure.
  12. that is a gorgeous looking bike mate.
  13. Some more info H E R E

    ..yeah and the girls are nice too. :D
  14. Mmmm, big fan of the bimota db models.
    Congrats, and enjoy every second on it!
  15. Wow that's insane! I actually saw some lebbo squid on a white one hanging out at a maccas, couldn't believe my eyes. Guy coulda ride for shit and was trying to do Monos on it :/
  16. After the pictures all I read was, blah, blah.. blahblahhblah...

    That is a pretty intense bike! Very very nice, and while it is a lot of money, (actually I think that is defined as a shittonne of money in bike land) when you see how they are built, you can really see where the money goes. They aren't like some cars which cost 5x as much and come off a automated production line. It is a deadset peice of art.
  17. Figured that with this, I won't need another sports bike in the future, I like the way it has no traction control, ABS etc, it's still down to the rider. This is one thats never going to be sold, when I'm to old to ride I'll just move it into the house (Bedroom preferably) to look at and reminisce over.

    Just click over the 600km this morning :)
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  18. Very nice.
  19. Absolutely. I saw one at the Sydney Motorcycle expo and it truly was a bike that you could just stand there and look at for hours and still have more to look at later. It truly is an artwork. The detail that goes into every single part of the bike is just astonishing. The CNC milling of each part is beautiful and the carbon parts accentuate the whole thing.

    Here's a picture I took of a DB8 and the Tesi-3D at the show: