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New bikes - for women??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, May 19, 2007.

  1. Just heard on the news that someone's going to make a new bike for women that's partially closed - to protect their body from ... (from the wind? cold? didn't hear that bit!). It's gonna have half a cabin on it.

    Are they talking about motorbikes? Or pushies? :?

    Anyone know anything further about this??
  2. Is that actually something Australian women would want?

    American women would go apeshit at the very idea of such a thing.
  3. :LOL: YEP it's called a motor home
    Rosie...it's too early hun go back to bed
  4. I always wondered about the possibility of doing something like that, and worried about how it'd go in a side-wind... I think you'd end up losing most of the benefits of being on a bike in the first place. Kind of like a Goldwing... :p
  5. That's it! Goldwing - taking the motorcycling out of motorcycling.

    Still, i'd like one. So many switches and lights and... shit
  6. they actually already exsist, infact i think someone on here as posted a pic of one. they kind of defeat the purpose of being on a bike, its a cage on 2 wheels, whatever happened to the freedom of riding a bike

    edit: sorry i don't even know where i have seen the site for them
  7. Yawn... every now and then somebody decides it would be a good idea to put a cabin on a bike. Just like every now and then somebody decides a bike would be improved by adding a third wheel.... Occasionally somebody decides to do *both*, and you end up with something like the Carver (which apparently actually went into production, or is about to)... and I don't know, Carver might even be a good vehicle but whatever it is, it is no longer a bike.

    One bike with cabin I would like to see on the roads is the Acabion, it might not no longer be a bike either, but it sure would be a blast to drive - if you could find somewhere to wind it up to its promised 550km /hr! :)

  8. wasn't that the design premise of the honda cub (50cc, weather protection)
  9. There already common in Asia and India.
    And why they would target them at Women is beyond me, it's not like there going to save your latest hair style thats stuck inside your helmet.
  10. here ya go ladies...


    notice 3 wheels just in case you balance was shite too :p
  11. ^^^^THAT can co right back where it was pulled from.........Uranus, along with the whole stupid idea of a bike with a cabin.......pffft. (although our delicate bodies DO need protecting :LOL: )
  12. Nee, that looks like an anorexic golf cart :LOL:
  13. ... leers from lusty males :wink:

    Do we need protecting? Surely, we're not really that fragile :p
  14. I know in Europe, particularly in France and Italy you see scooters with a material sort of skirt thingy that wraps around the lower half of the rider. I think it's so women can wear skirts and not distract the general populace.
  15. I reckon we get one, super-mod it and take it out on our moto-x track....can just see it falling to bits over the first tabletop jump :LOL:
  16. Actually, that looks like it would be better suited for the golf course :shock:
  17. What do you do when it's time to stop at the lights? Fall over?
  18. those training wheels on the sides come down when you go below a certain speed
  19. There's a guy here in Australia modifying existing bikes w "training wheels" for people who have a spinal cord injury or physical limitation. I saw it on Foxtel-some inventions show. Everytime you slow down or change gears these little "training wheels" come down to balance you. I work with a lot of people in wheelchairs, some who recieved their injuries frm coming off their bikes...
    Not sure of the company name but Google might help. Very cool that someone is thinking outside the box for those "limited" by their physical bodies.