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New bikes dropping in price

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mmamster, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. I was in Peter Stevens this week and saw some pretty good prices on new bikes.

    They had the k8 GSXR600 at 12990 +ORC and the CBR600RR 2008 at 13490 +ORC. Also 07 (old model fireblades) at 13490 + ORC!!! The GIxxer thou 08 was also about 2 grand off.

    Seen similar things at kwaka dealers and yamy delaers and also I saw Honda have $1 K of the new cb400.

    What do people think - do any industry people out there have some info on why this is happening - I suspect it is the dollar allowing the distributors to knock a fair bit off the bike prices.

    This is going to flow through to the second hand market. I have been looking around for a commuter around $5K but the prices in the second hand market are high.

    Example - saw a GSR600 brand new for 7990 plus on roads. Second hand people are asing the same or slightly less!

    Any thoughts....

  2. same shit different year

    its the usual cycles that happen every year

    if you ever pay retail for a new bike you need your head read
  3. I know the GSR600 is the 2007 model, the new ones are black

    I guess it's just a clearout before lovely winter riding?
  4. Yeah could be a same shit thing but I was in the market 2 years ago and it seems to me the prices of bikes have dropped a fair bit this year (as they should because the dollar is strong) - the k8 gixxer 600 is brand new and yet has been slashed. It will be interesting to see if the new fireblade comes down quickly (one of my potential next new bikes).
  5. price drop

    Yes ;;

    price of new bikes do seem good if you look at what plp are asking for second hand bikes .

    I was looking at a GS500f second hand on the net and found ''

    06 mod 6.999
    06 mod 6k
    04 mod 5,500k
    27 mod 7800k

    Peter stevens in the city gave me a price of $6,500 + orc new 3 colors ,
  6. Maybe the push to sell more bikes at cheaper prices for people to commute to work on due to the increasing cost of petrol that no Government (State or Federal) seems to care about. On top of that the rising cost of mortgages and food etc etc etc. Then there is parking in the major cities is a problem (350 illegally parked bikes in Brisbane due to cost of carparks and lack of)

    My hubby used to sit in traffic in his ute and chew $70/wk in fuel. We went and bought him a New KLX250 to commute to work on. $50/wk in repayments and $20 in the tank and he is lane splitting when traffic is sitting still.
    He gets to work on time and we have one more rego to pay. And we have another asset to show for the money he went to work for in the first place. Vicious circle
  7. It is definitrely a good time to buy in a lot of respects!
  8. Well, in Canberra, you can pick up the new Fireblade 08 for $19,500, ride away. I am counting on the bike coming down a couple of grand by this time next year, when I am due to come off my Ps.

    Debating whether or not to sell my baby blade after I get the fireblade, as I would like to hang on to it.
  9. Cycle torque has a dealer selling 2007 fireblades for $13 990 :shock:

    I feel sorry for all you people that have bikes that are under three years old and are planning to sell soon!
  10. End of financial year approaching?
  11. +1 Car dealers do the same thing.
    It's usually an attempt to try and push over a certain sales target for the year.
  12. its called winter
    brrrrrr how cold is it in Sydney, feels like melbourne
  13. Honda are particularly bad at this. If they brought down the price of their new releases by $500-1000 they would sell more and wouldn't have to offload like this late in the model cycle (or even a couple years later).

    Honda must hurt a lot of their own buyers with this practice of discounting. I don't think I'd buy a new release Honda unless they change this practice.
  14. Honda hate their customers.

    It's the only possible explanation for some of the rubbish they've foisted upon a trusting public over the years :LOL: .
  15. Warnabrother is the font of all knowledge when it comes to this sort of thing - he works in a Honda Dealership and is rarely too far off the mark.

    Someone give him a poke and he'll tell you what's really going on :)
  16. So you've experienced a honda cb400 twin too?
  17. A decade long refusal to fit camchain tensioners that actually worked springs to mind as well. Then compounding that particular bit of nastiness by fitting either a 100m long camchain (CB500T) or two chains where everyone else thought one was adequate (all their air-cooled, twin cam multis that I'm aware of). :evil:

    Putting the oil filter retaining bolt on most of their engines right where it'll catch all the road crap thrown up by the front wheel wasn't very nice either (although, I'll admit, not unique to Honda and less of an issue in markets less corrosive than the UK).
  18. you haven't mentioned the regulator
  19. Only because I've owned Suzukis so I've a very low benchmark when it comes to rectumfriers :grin: . The awfulness of the CBN twins was marginally mitigated by the fact that their rec/regs were a cheap improvement over any OEM fitment to aircooled GS/GSXs.
  20. Re dopping used prices - I saw an ex demo k7 GSXR600 in PS with 8K kms for 10990 + ORC. That is spanking the used market.

    I'm planning on riding mine until I get good at riding it so a few more yeas left yet....I would be looking at a runout fireblade in 2010!!!!! By that time they might pay me to take it.