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New Biker/ZXR-250 owner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gonadman2, May 16, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm from Port Hedland, WA and have recently purchased a ZXR-250. I picked up my L's today also, so you could say I'm very green.

    I'm 26 years old and have owned my fair share of performance cars. These include a Couple of WRX's including my favourite an MY00 Track special (which my sister wrote off), and more recently a VE SS which I am in process of selling. I would post pics but I've got have 5 posts on this forum before I can post...

    Anyway, you could say that I've seen the light and moved onto a bike. It was a financial decision as much as an emotional one, but I am enjoying the new experience - its like learning to drive all over again! I did ride bikes a lot when I was younger but never on the road so it is definitely new.

    The bike? Well its not perfect cosmetics-wise but at least I won't be scared to ride it. Where can I get new hoses at the top - they look shocking. Its done 52,000km which is a few but again, its just for me to learn on for a year and move on.

    Cheer's guys!

  2. Welcome.

    If you like performance cars I reckon you'll love the world of bikes.

    I tend to check out the bike shops, are there many in Port Headland?

    The internet is another good option for buying bits and pieces.

    Do you mean radiator hoses?

    Ride safe
  3. Welcome :)

    He means the little hose thingies that are on the zx2r. Maybe try ebay or a wrecker.
  4. Welcome to NR.

    I've been there with the cars (and I'm still there to some extent - the garage contains an MPS and an Subaru XT), so I can appreciate the fun that you've had with them. Biking is a different thing altogether.

    I was trying to explain it to a rev-head at work....... Bikes are all about feel, about balance, about skill. The difference between your riding skills and mine is huge, yet every day I come across riders with better skills. You will never, ever stop learning, and that's going to be a load of fun. You're either going to get the bug in the next 4 weeks or sell it in 3 months.

    Trust me, if you get into biking, it's like learning to play guitar. You'll never lose it, and it will continue to give you pleasure all of your life. Go for it mate :)
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, and yes I was talking about the hoses that go through the fuel tank - electronics cooling pipes or something?

    I wouldn't say that bike riding requires more skill, just skill in different areas. High performance cars need finesse too, my old WRX was setup for track duties and I love rear steer, but alas my sister didn't know what was happening when she drove it quickly and stuck it into a rock. I think that road bikes are setup a lot more for performance than the average performance car and as a result the bike is much more focussed.

    I think I have the bug already. Definately keen to get in and learn as much as I can about carbs and suspension tuning and all that jazz.

    Please keep in mind that I live in Port Hedland and can't just 'go down to the wreckers' as the nearest bike wrecker is about 1600km away. We don't have a bike shop so I will have to do lots of research here and try and find parts online. So if you have any ZXR-250 specific shops or places that sell parts for these machines please let me know!

    Cheer's guys!
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    those tubes are the air intake, not sure of any specific zxr250 shops, buut i would try ebay, there is a store for a bloke over in WA on ebay called rated r parts search that and send the bloke an equiry

    oh and wlecome to the world of motorcycles
  7. Thanks for the help guys!

    Rated R seems to specialize in the bigger bikes rather than the 'lil 250 of mine.

    MG// Not related afaik, stole the nick from the old Waves magazine running comic 'Gonadman.' I enjoy my surfing so I borrowed his name for online duties.

    Now that I have a few posts under the belt, I figured it might be time to try and put a few piccies up of the beast, and maybe my old beasts.

    Alright what I am coming from:

    What I am now riding:

    I might have to repaint this thing, the mrs always liked a red bike. Anyone know where I might find decal's for a ZXR-250?
  8. Nicee bike mate, very original!

    Decal's, there are shops out there actaully can replicate the original one's for you but i don't think ninja had a red decal scheme? don't quote me on that though. I guess they can get something custom for your needs.

    collide|a|scope motorcycle painter's is a shop in sydney that has a very good reputation and has all the special Machinery for customs decals. But if i were you and only learning on the thing just keep it the way it is, save all the modifications for the bigger bike!

    good luck
  9. Well I'm pretty handy with fibreglass, and the fairings aren't in the best shape, so I would like to repair them anyway. A single colour across the bike would be much easier to achieve than the factory colour scheme, and easier to repair should I damage it in future. I like doing little projects so it would be nice to work on this bike (part of the reason why I went for this over a new Ninja 250R)

    Its not the same bike, but pretty similar: