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New biker in Sydney but 20 yrs experience

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kevin S, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Hello there all,

    Found this forum while surfing the net for info on bikes. Read through some of the posts and quite impressed with the info and advice given by other bikers. You guys are all like family here, helping each other out. Kudos to that! I'm glad i found this forum. I hope to contribute some info as well from time to time. Cheers mates!

  2. Welcome, Kevin. Which area of Sydney are you based in?
  3. G'day Kev, yeah every family has its black sheep too :)
  4. G'day, Kevin.
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    Hey there womble,
    I am located at the Western side of Sydney namely Parramatta. How about yourself?

    G'Day to you too mate! :)

    G'Day McSenna,
    You are absolutely correct. :) But i've noticed that bikers are a close knit community. Which makes me proud to be a member of such community. Thanks for welcoming me here mate. :)
  6. I'm on Scotland Island (Pittwater), there's quite a few fellow NR's in your area.

    A bunch of us regularly ride out your way on a semi regular run to Lithgow (via Bell's Line). You're welcome to join the next run.
  7. Hi Kevin, and welcome.

    Have you found the Old Road from Berowra up to Calga, yet?

    I'm just up the road a bit from P'matta, in Beecroft.

    Do you get to ride on weekdays?
  8. Hi Kev. Welcome to the madhouse!
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    Hey there mate,

    Actually i havent really got a big bike yet. I just moved from Malaysia last September and as i have been riding there my whole life practically so for starters i have bought a Postie just to feel the hang of riding over here locally. Sorry to mislead you guys by calling myself a biker. Is it ok to call myself a biker? I do ride a motorbike everyday and i love bikes. My apologies if i am in a wrong forum.

    Many thanks GeorgeO. I'm happy to be among my fellow bikers. :)
  10. 'Biker' is all about the attitude mate! Posty, peewee50, doesn't matter to me.
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  11. Mate! A postie has two wheels, and an engine, therefore it is a motorbike.

    As for the big bike business, you are talking to the wrong person, as I have just recently acquired a wee 125 cc motorbike and am having a ball riding it.
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    You are right mate! A bike is a bike regardless if it's big or small. :) Do you ride it often? What model bike is your's?

    Hahahah...totally agree with you mate! I would love to go on a ride someday with my postie of course. Heard they are unbreakable. But i think most Honda bikes are unbreakable. All this while i have ridden hondas and they have never given me any problems. As long as they are kept well. :)
  13. My 125 is a Cagiva Planet/Raptor 125 two-stroke.

    I usually manage to ride it once or twice a week.

    I'm an older bloke, retired, and have peace during the week to ride and/or drink beer, since my wife is still working, so I try to share out the riding between my 850 BMW, my wee Cagiva and a Gilera two-stroke scooter that I am looking after for a friend.

    All things considered, it's a hard life, but somebody has to do it. :)
  14. KTM's unbreakable too, but only if the frame is orange!